yoga challenge: week 2

yoga challenge weekly sessions goal:  3

week 2 actual sessions:  4

not bad!

Knowing that my half marathon is quickly approaching (6 days away!) is a huge motivator in getting in some extra stretch time.

For 3 of the sessions I used my Jillian Michaels’ DVD, including on Tuesday when the October Photo A Day challenge meshed with some stretching:

“Day 9: spend 15 minutes stretching” — finished 35 minutes of yoga

and I won for that day!  Pretty exciting :)

After work tonight was my 4th session for the week, and I followed along with this video:

SUPER awkward?  You betcha.  (<–yes, I live in Minnesota. no, we don’t actually say that often)

It was, however, an awesome stretch for my hips and quads, so it was worth the weirdness.


Do you have a favorite (free) yoga video?

feel free to share its link!


  1. Sounds like your getting in some awesome yoga sessions :).

    • I have been!
      I read your post about having to limit/stop your running…maybe you could try yoga for a way to get in some low-impact/low-intensity workouts? Just a suggestion! :)

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