workouts 3/10 – 3/16: training week 1

Week 1 of half marathon training!  Each fun felt great, and the mix of other workouts was perfect for keeping my sanity ;)
I’ve seriously been bitten by the racing bug though.  I mentioned yesterday that I’m tempted right now to register for so many races!  I’ve purposed closed out of those tabs/hidden my race flyers because of it.  I need to choose a few to reach my goal but also need to be reasonable about it, right?  Anyway, I’m excited to officially be on my training plan, and I’m excited (already) for my 3rd!

Miles ran so far in 2013 –> 155

Sunday, March 10th
5-minute warm-up Walk
8-mile (steady) Run (68:37)
10-minutes Walk

8-mile run

Monday, March 11th
90-minute P90X Yoga Video

Tuesday, March 12th
rest day

Wednesday, March 13th
Upper Body Strength Training + Core + Cardio Circuit Workout

Thursday, March 14th
Lower Body Strength Training Workout (a new one, loved it, will be sharing it soon!)
5-minute Walk
4-mile Run (34:30)
10-minute c00l-down Walk

Friday, March 15th
20 minutes of Elliptical intervals
20 minutes on the StairClimber (75 floors)
25-minute Walk (with incline intervals)

Saturday, March 16th
5-minute warm-up Walk
7-mile Run (59:26)
10-minute cool-down Walk


  1. Whoo hoo! I love reading all your fitness-y posts, they always inspire me! I’m really trying to get more into fitness (I’m a nutrition nut), so I’ll reading anything I can get my hands on about it!

    • I’m so glad you love them, Avery! Just remember to take one will step at a time with fitness, try new things, and ultimately do what you enjoy :)

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