Workouts 11/4 – 11/10: a crazy busy week

All week long I felt like I had hardly any workouts under my belt.  Looking back on the week, I really did a pretty good job getting a variety of workouts in, especially with how busy I was, so I think it was just that my stress level required a little more exercise than I made time for ;)

I only ran 6 total miles this week, which is the smallest weekly total I’ve had, by far, in months.  I just haven’t “felt like” running lately…I don’t know what it is, but in place of some of that typical running, I was able to fit in quite a few strength training sessions–and those never fail to make me feel strong.  I’m planning on going to the gym for a decently long run later this morning…crossing my fingers some of that running passion comes back soon!

Miles Ran so far in 2012 –> 483

Sunday, November 4th
rest day

Monday, November 5th
3-mile Run (25:55)
15-minute Walk with incline intervals

Tuesday, November 6th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 2) 30 minutes

Wednesday, November 7th
{this was one of the best morning workouts I’ve had in a long time–it’s super hard and super effective}
this, x2:

immediately followed by this:


1-mile Run (8:10)
1-mile Walk
1-mile Run (7:50)
1-mile Walk
1-mile Run (7:40)
.5-mile Walk

Thursday, November 8th
rest day

Friday, November 9th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
60-minute Walk

Saturday, November 10th
15 minutes of Elliptical intervals

Strength Workout: (*using 20-lb. dumbbells)
-set 1 (x2):
…26 total alternating bicep curl into shoulder press*
…25 tricep dips (bench)
…30 squats*
…20 per side standing side crunches*
-set 2 (x2):
…15 push-ups
…30 straight-legged deadlifts*
…15 bent-over rows*
…60-second forearm plank
…15 per side plank side raises
…60-second forearm plank

15 minutes of Elliptical intervals


  1. Great week of workouts girl. Hope you had a wonderful weekend xo

  2. Hey! I just found your blog :)

    You had a great workout week! Sometimes, a little (mental and physical) break is just needed!


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