workouts 11/18 – 11/24

Miles ran so far in 2012 –> 509

Sunday, November 18th
Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred (level 1) 30 minutes
8-minute Plank Challenge workout from Tina  (legit.)

Monday, November 19th
30-minute Walk

Tuesday, November 20th
5-minute warm-up Walk
5-mile Run (42:49)
5-minute Walk
20 minutes of Elliptical Intervals

Wednesday, November 21st
Awesome Arms & Abs
Lean Legs Pyramid” Workout
45-minute Walk

Thursday, November 22nd
rest day

Friday, November 23rd
5-minute Walk
3-mile Run (25:55)
5-minute interval Walk
10 minutes of Core Work

Saturday, November 24th
15 minutes of Elliptical intervals

Upper Body + Core workout
*each set completed 3 times through, no breaks
Set 1:
-12 push-ups
-12 tricep dips
-12 crunches
-12 leg lift with reverse crunches
Set 2:
-12 overhead shoulder presses
-12 bent-over rows
-12 (per side) side plank hip raises
Set 3:
-12 (per side) tricep extensions
-12 hammer curls
-30 seconds forearm plank
-30 seconds superman

15 minutes of Walking incline intervals


  1. You forgot 8 hours of power shopping on Friday and Saturday!

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