WIAW #43: post half marathon appetite

One major “side effect” I noticed from the half marathon was how HUNGRY I’ve been all the time!  And trust me, this is not at all a complaint–I love it!  Looking back at Monday though I really didn’t eat too much more than normal, but I was definitely hungry faster than usual.  I’ll take an excuse to eat more any day though :)

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the following is my food journal from Monday, October 22nd


a big bowl of pumpkin oats topped with raisins, almond butter, and these freeze-dried strawberries I recently bought from Swanson Vitamins (they’re super good)

morning snack

a banana


leftover soup with 12-grain crackers, broccoli and carrots with hummus, and some dark chocolate covered espresso beans (I’m trying really hard to like coffee and I thought this might be helpful…?)

afternoon snack

sea salt and black pepper pistachios and a fuji apple, plus a slice of multigrain bread


vegetarian mexi-bowls for dinner (brown rice, corn, black beans, onion, fresh salsa, guacamole) with blue corn tortilla chips for scooping some of it up



applesauce + PB2 + cinnamon
**delicious combo–try it if you haven’t already!


Do you notice major differences in your appetite based on what kinds of workouts you do?

Unless it’s a long run (like Sunday’s), I typically don’t notice it from running.  I do, however, notice a difference/increase in my appetite every day that I weight train!  Like this morning–You should’ve seen the size of my cereal bowl :)


  1. Strength training always leaves me starving!

  2. Those espresso beans look good! I’ve been really hungry this week too, and I don’t know why! I’ve brought running back into my life though, so I’m guessing that could be it?

  3. Along with your dessert, pair it with an apple for dipping. Oh but make sure to put the pb2 mix in the freezer for about 5 minutes to get it nice & cold :).

  4. Hmmm… Those freeze dried strawberries sound good. I get these mini packs of freeze dried fruit from the grocery store sometimes that have dried pears, dried apples, dried strawberries, and dried strawberries and bananas. It is just a bonus that they come in Mickey Mouse packaging!! :)

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