too hard on myself…my late night eating progression.

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I recently had a rough night.

I was about to head to bed, but before doing so I was in the kitchen packing up lunch/food to bring to work the next day.

I wasn’t hungry in the slightest, but I ate 2 cookies that I had made earlier that evening.  And then I immediately felt guilty about it.

I kept beating myself up about it–why would I eat 2 cookies if I wasn’t even hungry?  I’d already eaten 1 plus some of the dough earlier that night!

I was laying in bed thinking about all of this, and some perspective came out of nowhere that slapped me right in the face.

4 years ago I was a freshman in college, and it wasn’t unusual in the slightest for me to eat an entire small-size pizza from Domino’s, topped with pepperoni slices and tons of cheese with a hand-tossed-style crust.



That’s a total of 2,420 calories (1,100 from {unhealthy} fats), 3 grams of trans fat (holy. crap.), and 4,310 grams of sodium.

It makes me nauseous thinking back on that.  So gross!  But that wasn’t uncommon for me then!

2 years ago I was a junior in college, Jesse and I had just started living together in our first apartment, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to eat 1/3 of a pan of “homemade” boxed brownies for dessert on a summer night, topped with peanut butter or fruit too, of course…

I don’t even want to look at the ingredients in one of those box mixes.

Again–not uncommon.  Yuck.

2 weeks ago, as a 22-year-old newlywed whose been on this healthy-living journey for nearly 2 years now, I had 2 homemade vegan pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

When I look at it that way…

I’m come so far it’s just almost overwhelming.

As soon as I made this realization, I snapped out of my guilty feeling and actually felt really proud of myself.

Am I exactly where I want to be yet with healthy food choices?  No.  I still don’t think eating 2 cookies right before bed, especially when I’m not even hungry is a good choice.

But have I made some serious progress over the past few years?  YES, I have.  And that’s absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.


  1. Great perspective!

  2. Very cool and remember you do not need to be perfect, enjoy your treats!

  3. This post is very fitting for the name of your blog!

  4. I love your new blog layout!



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