How I’m Exercising During this Pregnancy

The fitness aspect of this blog has really been lacking lately, and I miss it!  I miss writing about half marathon training, strength training, all things running, and lessons I learn from yoga that help with my running.  I just kind of miss running right now!

But it’s all fine and good – I obviously wouldn’t trade anything about this pregnancy for a single run – I’m just looking forward to challenging myself in that aspect of fitness in the future.

pregnancy workout

Today I thought I’d share what I am doing for workouts during this pregnancy.

I’m clearly not running – not that I think running during pregnancy is bad, it’s just that I don’t think it’s right for me.  My body (cycle, hormones, etc.) was sensitive to it before getting pregnant, so I’m not willing to risk anything by running now.

I’m also not trying any workouts that are brand new to me.  I fear doing anything that could throw me off balance or challenge me so much that I push too hard (I tend to be really competitive with myself).

That’s the thing about fitness during pregnancy though…every single woman is different, so she needs to listen to her body and choose whatever is right for her and her baby.

I’m doing something active each day, and I try to pay attention to how I’m feeling that day to guide what workout I choose.  I’m also more aware of how I feel during workouts – no more trying to zone out during cardio, I try to pay close attention to how my body is responding.

Here are the workouts I’m currently doing during this pregnancy:

  • Walking – lots of walking.  This is my go-to.  I enjoy it, I can really get moving and work up a bit of a sweat if I want, and I know that it’s just really beneficial for my body and this growing baby.
  • Strength Training.  I do 1-2 strength workouts a week, just right in my living room while watching tv or listening to music.  I often do workouts like this one….squats, lunges, push-ups (on my knees because that’s just how I roll these days), bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, (short-lived) side planks, etc.
  • Yoga.  I’ve been to a couple prenatal yoga classes at our gym, and I often do some yoga at home.  I don’t do anything fancy or even do it for very long, but I’ve found that I get really tight really quickly lately, particularly in my hip flexors, so I do some sort of stretching every day.
  • Cardio on the Stationary Bike and the Elliptical.  These are in our apartment’s fitness room, so I sometimes hop on these machines for a day’s workout.  I don’t go nearly as intensely as I did pre-pregnancy, but they always make me sweat a bit and they’re a nice change-up from walking.

The thing with pregnancy though is that things are (literally) changing every day, so I’m trying to be sensitive to those changes and just go with the flow in terms of adjusting my routines.  So far, so good.


If you’ve ever been pregnant, what did you do for movement during that time?

If you’ve never been pregnant and are curious, what questions do you have about working out when pregnant? 

I’m no fitness expert but I can answer about my own my experiences so far.

workout log: 11/16 – 11/22

With company here for most of this past time, I just did what I could, when I could.  And looking back on it all now, I’m really happy with it all.

I often write a workout schedule for each week, but sometimes I really enjoy just winging it each day.  That’s the key with my exercises in this stage of life though – doing what exercises I feel like doing and finding a balance of “enough” (not too much or too little).  We’re all a work in progress, yes?!

Sunday, November 16th
45-minute Walk with J & Zida
this upper body workout:

Upper Body & Core Strength Circuit Workout

Monday, November 17th
10-minute warm-up Walk
lower body strength workout (just did a bunch of random moves in the fitness room until my muscles were fatigued)
25 minutes of Elliptical intervals

Tuesday, November 18th
rest day

Wednesday, November 19th
5-minute warm-up Walk
1-mile Run (9:09)
upper body weights/strength workout
1-mile Run (8:58)
10-minute high incline Walk

Thursday, November 20th
30-minute Walk in the morning,
then in the evening I did
10 minutes of Elliptical intervals
and intervals on the treadmill….
.25-mile Run + .25-mile Walk with high incline, repeated for 3 total miles in 33:53

Friday, November 21st
no set workout – we spent a lot of the day walking all around the city

Saturday, November 22nd
full-body strength training workout (took about 20 minutes)
then 60 minutes of Walking on the treadmill with very high inclines at times (similar to this workout below just two times through) – it’s the way to sweat when you walk!

30-Minute Incline Intervals Treadmill Walking Workout.jpg

workout log: 11/2 – 11/8

this past week’s workouts:

Sunday, November 2nd
60-minute Walk with Jesse & Zida

Monday, November 3rd
3-mile Run (24:02)
20-minute Walk

3-mile Run

Tuesday, November 4th
this workout (I love that it keeps me moving and it works practically everything at some point),
3 times through:

Upper Body & Core Strength Circuit Workout

Wednesday, November 5th
30-minute Walk with Zida
15 minutes of Yoga

Thursday, November 6th
15-minute Legs & Glutes workout (I’ll be sharing it soon)
30 minutes Elliptical intervals

Friday, November 7th
30-minute Walk with Zida
upper body weights workout

Saturday, November 8th
2.5-mile Run (20:10)
20-minute Walk

workout log: 7/27 – 8/2


Sunday, July 27th
30-minute Walk
4-mile Run (36:21) with my sister!
30-minute Walk

Monday, July 28th
rest day

Tuesday, July 29th
this upper body workout:

Upper Body Strength Circuit Workout -

and then a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Wednesday, July 30th
2-mile Run (19:03) with Jesse and Zida
plus some walking before and after

Thursday, July 31st
no workout, but an active day – just a really long day at work, some house cleaning at night, and a quick walk with Zida before calling it good on the day

Friday, August 1st
this lower body workout, 3 times through:

beach booty workout

and then a 1-mile Run (8:40) with some walking before and after

Saturday, August 2nd
Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run with my sister!  Recap will be up tomorrow :)

workout log: 7/20 – 7/26


Sunday, July 20th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
35-minute Walk

Monday, July 21st
3-mile Run (25:57)
with some walking before and after

Tuesday, July 22nd
this workout 3 times through with 15-lb. weights:


this core workout 2 times through:

no breaks Core Workout -

and then a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Wednesday, July 23rd
2-mile Run (Jesse, Zida, and I all went out for this one – my stomach was upset and I was overall just dragging…not all runs are great…we did what we could though and did 2 hilly miles in 18:05)
30-minute Walk (split up before and after the run)

Thursday, July 24th
30-minute Walk in the morning
30-minute Walk in the evening

Friday, July 25th
this lower body workout, 4 times through (loved this one!)…

Bodyweight Strength Lower Body Workout -

and a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Saturday, July 26th
a 30-minute Walk in the morning
and a lot of dancing at the wedding at night!

workout log: 5/4 – 5/10

Sunday, May 4th
this arms & abs workout (the planks and mountain climbers felt the toughest!)

arms & abs living room workout

and a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Monday, May 5th
10-minute Walk
4-mile Run (34:27)
10-minute Walk

Tuesday, May 6th
12 reps of each exercise, 3 times through the set, no rests – LOVED this workout!

beach booty workout


followed by a 35-minute Walk with Zida-girl

Wednesday, May 7th
45-minute Walk in the morning
30-minute Walk in the evening

Thursday, May 8th
10-minute Walk
3-mile Run (26:28)
10-minute Walk

Friday, May 9th
rest day

Saturday, May 10th
Hit & Run 5k!!

hit & run 5k group scott spencer jesse danica.jpg

it was a ton of fun – I’ll share a bit more about it after the weekend!

workout log: 4/27 – 5/3


Sunday, April 27th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
10-minute Walk
4-mile Run (34:21)
20-minute Walk

Monday, April 28th
I did this workout (3 times through each set)…

Upper Body Strength Circuit Workout -

Tuesday, April 29th
3 times through this workout series:

Lower Body Workout for Endurance & Strength

Wednesday, April 30th
rest day

Thursday, May 1st
10-minute Walk
4-mile Run (33:20…miles 2, 3, and 4 were sprint/jog intervals)
10-minute Walk
a few planks

Friday, May 2nd
40-minute Walk in the morning
and a 30-minute Walk in the evening

Saturday, May 3rd
10-minute warm-up Walk
3-mile Run (26:00)
20-minute Walk

workout log: 4/6 – 4/12

Last Monday I shared my workout plan for the week ahead – I always do this but don’t necessarily follow it to a T – it’s a guide, a plan.  Somedays I follow what’s scheduled, and some days I don’t, but by planning ahead I make physical activity a priority.

You can compare the two (planned vs. actual) and see the difference – this week they happened to be pretty darn similar.  Regardless, it was a great week of workouts and I loved that a good bunch of them were outdoors!

Sunday, April 6th
rest day

Monday, April 7th
Jillian Michaels’ “Killer Buns & Thighs” Video (level 1 – about 40 minutes)

killer buns & thighs workout dvd jillian michaels

and a 35-minute Walk with Zida…..I also went for walk with the kids during work for about an hour and Jesse & I walked for about 20 minutes in the evening = lots of walking, which I love!

Tuesday, April 8th
10 minutes on the StairMill (40 floors)
1-mile Run (8:45)
25 minutes of Elliptical intervals
1-mile Run (8:33)
10-minute cool-down Walk

Wednesday, April 9th
the “Happy” burpee challenge!
You listen to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams while jogging in place – every time you hear the word “happy” or “happiness” you do a burpee, then continue jogging in place.  It was fun and tough :)

then I did this workout 2 times through:

Wedding Day Arms Workout!

followed by a 35-minute Walk with Zida

Thursday, April 10th

3-mile run - Garmin

15-minute Walk
3-mile Run (26:04 ….the first two were alone and the third was with Zida)
15-minute Walk
and this core workout:

8-minute CORE workout

Friday, April 11th
45-minute Walk with Jesse & Zida

Saturday, April 12th
the “Happy” song burpee workout to warm up
and this workout:



workout log: 3/23 – 3/29

Sunday, March 23rd
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes

Monday, March 24th
this workout, 5 times through:

5-to-30 full-body workout -

this core workout, twice through:

Quick Core Workout

and then a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Tuesday, March 25th
upper body strength workout (heavy weights!)

4 times through:
-> 20 alternating bicep curls
-> 20 alternating overhead shoulder presses
-> 20 alternating tricep kickbacks
-> 15 chest flys
-> 15 bent-over rows

and lower body strength (with heavy weights added for any move that allowed for them)

4 times through:
-> 10 squats
-> 10 straight-legged deadlifts
-> 10 alternating forward lunges
-> 20 glute bridges
-> 20 inner thigh leg lifts (per side)

Wednesday, March 26th
rest day

Thursday, March 27th
.25 mile Walk + .5 mile Run repeated for a total of 4 miles (about 44 minutes)
and an additional 10 minutes of Walking to cool down

Friday, March 28th
the following two videos (with awful names, but they were both alright workouts)

Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-minute Flat-Blasting Circuit

The Lazy Girl Workout

this workout, 3 times through:

Upper Body Non-Stop Strength Training + Cardio Workout -

and a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Saturday, March 29th
45-minute Walk with Jesse & Zida

Share Yours: A Workout You'd Love to Try

Remember when I brought this “Share Yours” idea to the blog a (long) while back?  I kind of forgot about it…oops!  Today though, it’s back, and I plan to make it more of a regular/series around here.

I think trying new (to you) forms of physical activity is really important – it helps us find movement that we truly enjoy doing!

I love to do my at-home yoga video, at times I love to run and lift weights, and I always enjoy going for walks.  But there are workouts that I’ve never tried before (and would like to), plus some I just need to incorporate more regularly.

SHARE YOURS! Workouts to try and do more often.jpg

Workouts I would love to try:


I laugh at the whole “it’s a cult” comment people make about it (I’ve made it myself before ;) but that comment is probably because nearly everyone that tries it loves it!  And every person I know of that does Crossfit regularly looks so strong – I want that!  If it weren’t so expensive I would’ve been to a box (the name for Crossfit gyms) years ago.


So I know how to swim, but I haven’t actually made swimming laps a regular part of my exercise regimen before.  It’s a challenging full body workout, and I need to get over the little fear I have and just go for it!

Workouts I would like to incorporate more often:


I played tennis in my childhood and all through high school – #1 singles, baby!  That sounds better than I was, and about 85% of my high school didn’t even know a tennis team existed, but it was SO much fun.  Jesse and I only played one pitiful time last summer and we’ve promised that’ll be different this year.


There’s an awesome dance fitness class at our gym called “Hip Hop Groove” that I adore.  My work schedule for this winter/spring hasn’t allowed me to make it to more than one class, but I plan to change that come May.  It’s too fun (and tough) to miss out on.


There was an awesome kickboxing class offered weekly at fitness center at college, which I went to a lot because I loved it.  Since then I really haven’t even checked out the kickboxing class at our gym, so I’d like to make a point of doing that!


Share Yours!