workout log: 11/30 – 12/6


Sunday, November 30th
no set workout, but we did bowl for an hour and a half and went for a 25-minute Walk with Zida

Monday, December 1st
upper body strength training workout
15 minutes of Elliptical intervals
15-minute high incline Walk

Tuesday, December 2nd
I did this lower body workout, 3 times through:
(I posted it on the blog years ago, and then I held 25-lb. weights for all of the exercise.  This time, I used no added weight and holy cow was my heart racing!)

lower body blast workout

plus 20 minutes on the stationary Bike

Wednesday, December 3rd
45-minute Walk with high incline intervals

Thursday, December 4th
upper body strength workout:

3 times through:
10 bicep curls
10 tricep kickbacks
10 overhead shoulder presses
10 chest flys
10 skull crushers
10 static bicep curls, per side (pump on arm while the other stays in place at a 90 degree angle)
10 front rows
10 bent-over rows

15 minutes on the stationary Bike
15-minute Walk

Friday, December 5th
2 videos from Barre 3 (each was 10 minutes long)
and then this lower body workout, 5 times through:

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

Saturday, December 6th
about an hour long Walk with Jesse and Zida
And about an hour of Tennis with Jesse in the afternoon

workout log: 11/23 – 11/29


Sunday, November 23rd
30-minute Walk with Zida

Monday, November 24th
this “beach booty” workout, 3 times through:

beach booty workout

followed by a 2-mile Run (16:44)
and a 20-minute Walk

Tuesday, November 25th
upper body strength workout
30-minute high incline Walk

Wednesday, November 26th
30-minute Walk

Thursday, November 27th
90-minute Walk (out with the family before Thanksgiving dinner)

Friday, November 28th
15 minutes Elliptical intervals
upper body strength training
15-minute high incline Walk

Saturday, November 29th
this lower body workout (5 times through)

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

followed by 30 minutes of Elliptical intervals

workout log: 11/16 – 11/22

With company here for most of this past time, I just did what I could, when I could.  And looking back on it all now, I’m really happy with it all.

I often write a workout schedule for each week, but sometimes I really enjoy just winging it each day.  That’s the key with my exercises in this stage of life though – doing what exercises I feel like doing and finding a balance of “enough” (not too much or too little).  We’re all a work in progress, yes?!

Sunday, November 16th
45-minute Walk with J & Zida
this upper body workout:

Upper Body & Core Strength Circuit Workout

Monday, November 17th
10-minute warm-up Walk
lower body strength workout (just did a bunch of random moves in the fitness room until my muscles were fatigued)
25 minutes of Elliptical intervals

Tuesday, November 18th
rest day

Wednesday, November 19th
5-minute warm-up Walk
1-mile Run (9:09)
upper body weights/strength workout
1-mile Run (8:58)
10-minute high incline Walk

Thursday, November 20th
30-minute Walk in the morning,
then in the evening I did
10 minutes of Elliptical intervals
and intervals on the treadmill….
.25-mile Run + .25-mile Walk with high incline, repeated for 3 total miles in 33:53

Friday, November 21st
no set workout – we spent a lot of the day walking all around the city

Saturday, November 22nd
full-body strength training workout (took about 20 minutes)
then 60 minutes of Walking on the treadmill with very high inclines at times (similar to this workout below just two times through) – it’s the way to sweat when you walk!

30-Minute Incline Intervals Treadmill Walking Workout.jpg

workout log: 11/9 – 11/15

Just popping in on a Saturday to share my workout log.  I really didn’t spend much time running and found other workouts to do instead this past week.  I was really sore from playing tennis at the beginning of the week so I adjusting my plans according to that – a little extra yoga was perfect.

If you’re looking for an online source for yoga workouts you should definitely check out Gaiam TV.  You can take a quick quiz to start with so you know what type of yoga will best suit your personality and lifestyle.

Sunday, November 9th
2 hours of Tennis, plus some biking and walking around town

Monday, November 10th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1, 35 minutes)
and a 35-minute Walk with Zida

Tuesday, November 11th
upper body workout, 3 times through
and 15 minutes of Yoga

arms & abs living room workout

Wednesday, November 12th
lower body workout 5 times through
and 30 minutes of Elliptical intervals

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

45-minute Walk with Zida

Thursday, November 13th
5-minute warm-up
3-mile Run (25:12)
10-minute cool-down

Friday, November 14th
45-minute Walk with Zida

Saturday, November 15th
2 hours of Tennis plus biking to and from the courts

workout log: 10/26 – 11/1

I’ve decided to bring back my weekly workout log posts.  I miss the accountability factor and I just miss sharing them – physical activity is an important part of my life and a major aspect of this blog!

Sunday, October 26th
3.5-mile Run (29:34)
20-minute Walk

Monday, October 27th
rest day

Tuesday, October 28th 
this full-body workout, 5 times through:


plus this Salsa dance video and 25 minutes of this Zumba class video

Wednesday, October 29th
3-mile Run (25:40)
20-minute Walk

Thursday, October 30th
this lower body workout:

Compete 3 rounds of each set before moving to the next set:

-10 donkey kicks into plank into jump into a squat  (how’s that for a name?!)
-20 alternating forward lunges
-20 per side leg lifts (laying on your side)

-10 sumo squats
-15 calf raises
-20 alternating backward lunges

-10 leg raises (laying on your back)
-10 straight-legged deadlifts
-6 sun salutations

followed by 30 minutes of Elliptical intervals

Friday, October 31st
this upper body workout (with heavier-than-usual weights, which felt awesome)


Saturday, November 1st
4-mile Run (32:37)
30-minute Walk

Week’s Running Mileage = 10.5  <–the most I’ve run in one week in quite a while, feels good!

workout log: 9/1 – 9/14


Monday, September 1st
3.5 miles of walking/jogging with Jesse (I think we probably ran close to 2 miles of it)
40-minute Bike Ride

Tuesday, September 2nd
upper body strength workout
core workout
45-minute Walk

Wednesday, September 3rd
55-minute jog/walk, 5.25 miles total  (I figure I ran just over 3 of those miles)

Thursday, September 4th
lots of walking around San Francisco (so hilly!)

Friday, September 5th
a lot of walking around San Francisco again

Saturday, September 6th
Jesse and I went for a 30-minute jog/walk around the neighborhood of where we stayed (again – so hilly!)

Sunday, September 7th
repeat of Saturday’s

Monday, September 8th
upper body strength workout (I’ll be sharing soon)
2-mile Run
20-minute Walk

Tuesday, September 9th
lower body strength workout (again, I’ll be sharing it soon)
30-minute Walk

Wednesday, September 10th
3-mile Run
30-minute Walk

Thursday, September 11th
Jillian Mcchaels’ Yoga Meltdown video (level 1 – 35 minutes)
30-minute Walk with Zida
this workout, but instead of timing it I did it 8 times through with a little break between each round…

Toned in 10 - full body circuit workout -

Friday, September 12th
2-mile Run
30-minute Walk

Saturday, September 13th
40-minute Walk with Zida
and a lot of packing up the house

Sunday, September 14th
2-mile Run with Jesse
30-minute Walk

workout log: 8/10 – 8/16

In early July I excitedly announced that Jesse and I would both be running a half marathon in October, but sadly, since we’re moving in September, that just isn’t going to happen.  I’m a little disappointed about it, but what can you do?  Even though I’m not technically training for that race anymore, I’m (more loosely) still following the training plan on a week-by-week basis.  I’m aiming for mileage of 8-10 miles a week, with at least one day each of upper body strength and lower body strength work.  And this amount/pace feels like the perfect balance for me right now.  And hopefully we’ll find a race or two to run out in San Francisco :)

Sunday, August 10th
a 50-minute Walk
and a full day of cleaning (not “a workout” per se but plenty of moving)

Monday, August 11th
3-mile Run (25:23)
30-minute Walk
plus a few Planks

Tuesday, August 12th
this upper body workout:

Upper Body Non-Stop Strength Training + Cardio Workout -

and a 30-minute Walk

Wednesday, August 13th
3-mile hilly Run with Jesse (28:13)
20-minute Walk

Jesse & Danica - run - summer

Thursday, August 14th
45-minute Walk
15 minutes of Yoga

Friday, August 15th
this lower body workout, 5 times through, but I subbed out the running with 10 burpees each round:

Lower Body + Cardio Circuit Workout.jpg

followed by a 30-minute Walk

holy cow were my hamstrings feeling that this morning.

Saturday, August 16th
4-mile Run (32:50…three miles of it were sprint/jog intervals)
30-minute Walk

workout log: 8/3 – 8/9

I thought this week included a good mix of workouts!  Now that we’re busy with moving schtuff (so much to do!) I’m planning to make fitness a part of my daily schedule, per usual, but I’ll certainly just do the best I can with the time I have for it.  Deep cleaning a house and sorting/packing is a different workout in and of itself, that’s for sure.  We have a lot to do in the next month so workouts will help keep my energy up and my stress level low!

Sunday, August 3rd
my sister and I covered 6 miles total – walked 5 and broke those up with a 1-mile run in the middle

Monday, August 4th
rest day

Tuesday, August 5th
this upper body workout:

Wedding Day Arms Workout!

and a 2-mile Run with Zida with some walking before and after

Wednesday, August 6th
a long walk with a friend
2-mile Run (with speed intervals)
15-minute stationary Bike Ride

Thursday, August 7th
rest day

Friday, August 8th
this lower body workout, 3 times through:

Lower Body Workout for Endurance & Strength

Saturday, August 9th
3-mile Run (25: 40)
plus some walking before and after the run
10 minutes on the Rowing machine
and 15 minutes of Elliptical intervals

workout log: 7/27 – 8/2


Sunday, July 27th
30-minute Walk
4-mile Run (36:21) with my sister!
30-minute Walk

Monday, July 28th
rest day

Tuesday, July 29th
this upper body workout:

Upper Body Strength Circuit Workout -

and then a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Wednesday, July 30th
2-mile Run (19:03) with Jesse and Zida
plus some walking before and after

Thursday, July 31st
no workout, but an active day – just a really long day at work, some house cleaning at night, and a quick walk with Zida before calling it good on the day

Friday, August 1st
this lower body workout, 3 times through:

beach booty workout

and then a 1-mile Run (8:40) with some walking before and after

Saturday, August 2nd
Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run with my sister!  Recap will be up tomorrow :)

workout log: 7/20 – 7/26


Sunday, July 20th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
35-minute Walk

Monday, July 21st
3-mile Run (25:57)
with some walking before and after

Tuesday, July 22nd
this workout 3 times through with 15-lb. weights:


this core workout 2 times through:

no breaks Core Workout -

and then a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Wednesday, July 23rd
2-mile Run (Jesse, Zida, and I all went out for this one – my stomach was upset and I was overall just dragging…not all runs are great…we did what we could though and did 2 hilly miles in 18:05)
30-minute Walk (split up before and after the run)

Thursday, July 24th
30-minute Walk in the morning
30-minute Walk in the evening

Friday, July 25th
this lower body workout, 4 times through (loved this one!)…

Bodyweight Strength Lower Body Workout -

and a 30-minute Walk with Zida

Saturday, July 26th
a 30-minute Walk in the morning
and a lot of dancing at the wedding at night!