scenes from the weekend 4.28.14

It’s been a while since I had a laid-back, non-scheduled weekend – the past couple of days were just that and I was grateful to relax and enjoy the days off.

chicken enchiladas!

Following this recipe Brittany recently posted, I made two pans of chicken enchiladas on Friday – one for dinner that night and one for the freezer to make at a later date.  They turned out great!  I’ll definitely make the recipe again sometime.

night with Jenna & Ethan

fun night with friends!

A Love That Multiplies by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar book

I spent a lot of time reading this book and I honestly loved it – I actually want to refer back to it when we’re raising our kids someday.  I admire how grounded in God’s Word they are and how they do they’re best every day to not only live that out (to love God and love people) but they seem to do a marvelous job of instilling the Truth in their children as well.

burgers, fries, pb eggplant dish - dinner

burgers from the grill, sweet potato fries, and an experimental peanut butter/cashew/eggplant dish (that tasted much better than it looks) on Saturday night

cleaning the garage

spring cleaning!  the garage and the car both really needed it.

when our world falls apart - Lamentations - sermon

a new sermon series on the book of Lamentations started this weekend – as our pastor said, it’s not exactly a common book to preach from – it’ll be interesting, I’m sure!



after hearing so many great things about it I decided to watch Scandal – episode 1 was awesome!

I’m mourning the fact that Parenthood is over until the Fall so I decided to pick up a new show to watch for treadmill runs ;)

watching Frozen, Zida sleeping

watching Frozen (with Zida sleeping next to our feet :)


What’s your favorite animated movie?

I really thought Frozen was adorable, but my “classic” favorite is probably the Toy Story series.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Friday night was a ton of fun, plus I got in two great runs which really made me happy (7 miles total!)



  1. Frozen was a super cute movie, but I think my favourite will always be The Lion King or Madagascar:)
    I agree with you on the Duggars- as crazy as I think they are for having that many kids, they are an incredibly grounded family and God is definitely the centre of their world!
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted…UpTate: 3 MonthsMy Profile

  2. No animated movie will ever compare to Toy Story & Lion King!! Frozen does come in 3rd though :)
    Jessie recently posted…Kernel Season’s Review & Giveaway!My Profile

  3. Oh I cannot wait to run and work out again (I still am lightly right now but just not super intense :) of course!) We just mopped out our garage a few weekends ago too – long winters = dirty garages. We had our first baby shower this weekend and a TERRIFIC wedding for family – busy weekend for us!
    Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow recently posted…Friday Fun Facts April 25, 2014My Profile

    • The winter took a toll on our garage too – it was FILTHY! Feels good to have it all cleaned out :)
      I’m glad you had such a great weekend! Did the baby shower make everything feel even more real?! :)

  4. thank you for reminding me that the car reallyyyy needs to be cleaned out ;-) And I loved Frozen…but Beauty and the Beast will always have my heart when it comes to animated movies.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Shrimp Jambalaya.My Profile

  5. Looks like a really relaxing weekend – Those enchiladas look good as does the burger! I can’t wait to have some Summer BBQ’s!
    I actually looked up the Duggars after you mentioned them last week as I find things like that interesting… Anyway I ended up watching a few of their interviews on Youtube and I cannot get over how well mannered and mature their children are, and they are so genuinely nice!!
    Lauren recently posted…Blogger Meet Up and Ridiculously Easy SmoothieMy Profile

    • I know, I love that too! It’s inspiring that despite how many kids they have (or maybe because of that?) they’re really great parents whose kids are respectful and loving.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I watched “Frozen” a couple weeks ago for the first time and also really enjoyed it, but I think “Beauty and the Beast” is still my all-time favorite Disney movie. :) A highlight for me this weekend was a fun, relaxing dinner out on Saturday night after a rewarding but long day of teaching elementary-schoolers!
    Dallas recently posted…a year of Wooden: week 17My Profile

  7. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the weirdest/not so pretty dishes taste the best??
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Bake (Vegan)My Profile

  8. My favorite animated movie is The Little Mermaid… is that a surprise?
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…I’m Sorry I’ve Abandoned YouMy Profile

  9. I loved frozen! It was so cute! My favorite animated movie has to be toy story too! I love the third one it came out just around the time I was heading off to college so I could really relate to it!
    Hilary recently posted…IIFYM Information !My Profile

  10. What a fun weekend! I would say my favorite part was having some relaxing time with my parents. I am not huge on animated movies, but I did love Toy Story!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…How to work out in the morningMy Profile

  11. I’m glad you had such a nice weekend! We had a nice first weekend at home with Riker too. I made some chicken chimichangas last night but actually neither of us liked them so it was a bust! Oh well. I loved frozen and was surprised by the ending, even my husband admitted that “for a cartoon” it was “pretty good”! Haha. Another favorite of mine is. Little Mermaid and all the Madagascar movies. Oh, and Toy Story 3, I love animated movies!
    Alison @ Anchor in the Stratosphere recently posted…What a Difference a Week MakesMy Profile

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