it had to be the power of prayer

Hey everyone!  How was your Thanksgiving?  

Mine?  Well, mine was different than I’d hoped, but by the end of the day I was particularly thankful…

Some of you may have seen my tweet about it:

Long story short–on Thanksgiving morning my Dad feel from a ladder, about 10 feet high, and hit his head twice before falling to the ground and landing on his leg/side/head…Somehow, he avoided being paralyzed, bleeding into his brain, damaged organs, or even going unconscious.

He came out of this thing, after several x-rays, ultrasounds, a ct scan, and an MRI, with *just* 7 stitches (the large and swollen cut) above his right eye and a broken ankle.

When my sister called me that morning, I immediately burst into tears because I didn’t know what happened other than he had fallen, hit his head, and was being brought in an ambulance to the ER.  I was expecting the worst.  And through what I believe has to be the power of prayer, he ended up with extremely minimal injuries for what could have been.

It was a stressful day, I’m sure it was especially exhausting for my family that was with him, and scary for us all.  Basically, it reminded me of 2 things:

1) Life is too damn short to not tell people that you love them and be present in their company, and

2) My Dad really needs to quit working on holidays.

Despite what happened with my Dad and the fact that my mind was often somewhere else (wondering what was going on and waiting for updates from my sister), Jesse and I got to spend the day with a lot of family, and we did have a great time.  We’re very fortunate to have so many loving family members and friends!


It’s currently “Girls’ Shopping Weekend!” — a little tradition my in-laws have that I’ve been able to join in on the past few years.

I woke up early(ish) today and got in a workout at the hotel gym.

Usually the hotels I stay in have terrible fitness centers.  You know, the ones with 10-year-old ellipticals and 1 treadmill that feels like it’s going to fall apart with every step you take??  Having this fitness center made it much more motivating to get in a walk, run, and core workout today.

We then spent the day shopping.

Isn’t that elderly man in front of us with the Barbie Bug for his granddaughter the cutest?!

I got a few gifts crossed off the list today and somehow avoided buying any of the millions of adorable Christmas decorations I saw.  That’s good, right husband??

More shopping tomorrow and then heading home to my husband and home!  The place was under construction today and I can’t wait to see the NEW PANTRY they built!!  (I’m totally psyched to completely reorganize my kitchen! #seriously #noshame)


What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving this year?

Did anyone go Black Friday shopping?!   Did you find what you were looking for?


  1. Oh you gosh, I’m so glad that your dad is okay! My dad was painting my parents’ house last weekend and it makes me so nervous when he’s on the ladder!

  2. Oh my* gosh. Silly autocorrect.

  3. Oh no sorry to hear about your dad! Glad he’s ok but how stressful :(
    I find sale shopping way to stressful and would probably impulse buy stuff I wouldn’t need just because it’s cheap hehe. I’m more of a leisurely shopper! But I do need to get on with my Christmas shopping soon :-s

  4. Danica, I am so sorry to hear about your dad, but glad he’s okay. Sending prayers across the ocean for a fast & painful recovery <3

    Continue enjoying your time w/ family & friends though hunnie. You deserve the happiness <3

  5. Oh my goodness Danica! I am so glad that your dad is okay. Well, ok as he can be. Bless his heart!
    Hope you have a great time shopping!

  6. I’m so glad that you’re dad is OK. What a scare. It’s amazing how we can take things for granted and so quickly be reminded of what is important. Makes me really thankful for my family’s health. Best wishes and prayers for your Dad’s recovery!

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