Gratitude Journal

I recently started a “Gratitude Journal.”

gratitude journal

When I feel the need or desire to, I sit down on my bed for 5 minutes, and write out a list of things I’m grateful for – on that day, in that moment.

blank journal - open space

Sometimes the list includes general things, sometimes very specific.
Sometimes I do this every day for a week straight, sometimes just once a week.
But regardless of when and what it includes, this journal is full of blessings.

Out of all the times I’ve done this very quick exercise, there hasn’t been one time that hasn’t resulted in an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, a happy attitude, and a refreshed, positive outlook on life.

So simple.  So effective.  So good for your health.

Today I'm Grateful For journal

I’d highly recommend giving it a try.


  1. What a fabulous concept! It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what’s important and all the reasons we have to be happy. I think actually writing your blessings makes them much more evident, sort of like writing out goals. Love this! :-)
    Julie recently posted…Crock Pot Chicken and Getting OrganizedMy Profile

  2. I used to do this when I was little, after seeing it on Oprah :). I might try it again!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…Welcoming FallMy Profile

  3. Great idea. I have heard so many people who have started doing this and it has helped with keeping a positive outlook on bad days. There are apps you can download on your phone as well!
    Heather Murphy recently posted…A circuit workout that targets your coreMy Profile

  4. I love this idea. I actually did this for a while but just tried to list 3 things I was grateful for each night. I would totally love to start it up again, but I like the idea of not limiting myself to 3 items, but just what comes to mind.
    Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections recently posted…Fall Kinda MorningMy Profile

    • You should give it another try! And yes, sometimes my lists are short, but some days I have a lot to list, so I would say just to write whatever you feel!

  5. I always think of trying to start a journal but I never set aside time to write in it. Or I get so overwhelmed I just can’t write things out. It sounds ridiculous but maybe I should give a gratitude journal a try. I think it would ease my mind when things get tough!

    • For me personally, literally writing (not typing) this sort of a thing is what really makes it effective. I’d highly recommend you try that, Laura – I think it would help with that overwhelmed feeling!

  6. I love this idea!! It’s always important to reflect on what makes our lives wonderful.

    P.S. I found Larabars in the store… bought a few flavors and can’t wait to try them out!
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…Week 2 #TOT10Miler Training RecapMy Profile

  7. What an AWESOME idea! I need to start reminding myself of all of the great things in my life, especially on the days when I am feeling a bit down in the dumps.
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted…WIAW: September 4, 2013My Profile

  8. It’s the little things in life that make the difference, but you have to be able to notice the little things. .. good idea!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…#AugustPinterestChallenge RecapMy Profile

    • Yes, exactly! Sometimes life just gets so rushed that I forget about all of the little, great things around me – this helps keep me grounded :)

  9. What an awesome idea! :-)
    Lisa recently posted…Throwback ThursdayMy Profile

  10. Love this idea! I think that sometimes we get caught up in life, and forget to cherish those wonderful things in life. It’s great to have that reminder every once in a while. I think it helps put things in perspective.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Pro Compression Socks ReviewMy Profile

    • That’s exactly it, Holly. I especially love doing this because it reminds me of those little but great things around me that I often oversee or take for granted – it absolutely helps keep me grounded.

  11. I think I might need to try this. I’ve definitely been having some perspective issues lately with work & such.

    • I’m sorry you’re struggling a bit – I’d highly recommend trying this, Dana! It’s a great way to remind ourselves of the little yet great things in our lives <3

  12. Fellow MN girl. I live your blog!

  13. Love this! I’ve actually thought about starting one myself :)

  14. Love this! A friend just recommended a gratitude journal to me and I think I’m going to try it out!
    Kim @ Racing Bananas recently posted…That Time My Battery Died..My Profile

  15. I love your gratitude journal it’s adorable – I have done the same thing with an old jar!

    I have a jar full of lovely brightly coloured post it’s that I have written things that make me happy or that I am grateful for all through the year and added them to the jar at the end of the year I am going to open them and look back on the happiness of the year rather than wondering what I had accomplished this year the happiness will be there for me to see!

    Em recently posted…So that’s the problem!My Profile

  16. Yes, I have done a similar thing by writing down everything that I’m grateful for, but I forget to do it on a regular basis. It makes you realize just how blessed your life is when you think about it and write it down.

    It’s similar to focussing on how far you have come in your life, rather than focussing on how far you have to go.

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