First Postpartum Run {workout log: 11/15 – 11/21}

I went for my first postpartum run yesterday!!  It was also my first run in almost a year.  Heading out, I was really nervous and had no idea how far I could go or what I would be able to do.  I ran 1.5 miles at a 9:10 pace and felt really good – I was very happy with that.  My heart was certainly racing and my legs/hips are a tad sore today, but the second I started jogging I remembered why I fell in love with running in the first place – it felt so good to be at it again.

The one “problem” I had, however, was that my chest felt very uncomfortable and unsupported.  I absolutely need a better, more supportive bra before I do this again.  I asked for suggestions on Instagram yesterday and heard from a couple of people that Moving Comfort is great, but if anyone else knows of another great brand for a sports bra that’ll hold down nursing boobs, please let me know!

Sunday, November 15th
30-minute Walk
Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred video (level 1, about 25 minutes)

Monday, November 16th
30-minute Walk
15 minutes of Yoga/Stretching

Tuesday, November 17th
40-minute Walk
and, before that, this Alphabet workout from Sarah:

alphabet workout from Sarah at Creating a Better Tomorrow


I went through my name (plus maiden name), but by the time I got to “USS” I was uninterested in doing 75 more sit-ups in a row, so I just did a few other letters I hadn’t done yet.  It was fun!

Wednesday, November 18th
30-minute Walk
20 minutes of Yoga

Thursday, November 19th
70-minute Walk

Friday, November 20th
75-minute Walk

Saturday, November 21st
10-minute Walk
1.5-mile Run (13:46)
40-minute Walk

1.5 mile run - first postpartum run

workout log: 11/8 – 11/14

This felt like an okay week.  I loved all of the workouts I did get in, and I always enjoy walks.  However, I was hoping to get more strength in towards the end of the week, and especially today, but all week Roen has been eating soooo much (in quantity and frequency) and, quite honestly, I felt like I was just barely keeping up with the crazy hunger I’m experiencing because of that.  To add in workouts was a challenge – both because of timing and because of just feeling physically tired (maybe this is because my body is producing more?  I’m not sure).  This is just another phase where Roen must be growing majorly, and it’s reminded me of just how amazing breastfeeding is.  As he needs more, my body produces more.

I also looked thoroughly into a handful of gyms in our area this week, but none accept children into child care under 6 months old, some places even had a 12 month minimum.  A reader recommended checking out the YMCA (thanks, Kendra!), but even they didn’t allow babies as young as Roen in.  I’m really craving fitness classes so I’m still hoping I’ll find a gym to join soon.

In the meantime, if anyone has a recommendation for an awesome workout dvd they love – anything from zumba to bodyweight circuits – I’m all ears.

Sunday, November 8th
30-minute Walk
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1, 35 minutes)

Monday, November 9th
this workout, sort of.  I did the circuit 5 times through except I replaced the running with a 30-second plank and 15 jumping jacks:

1 Mile Lower Body Workout

Tuesday, November 10th
50-minute Walk

Wednesday, November 11th
45-minute Walk

Thursday, November 12th
30-minute Walk
and this series, 3 times through:
-30 second Forearm Plank
-15 Bicep Curls
-15 Tricep Kickbacks
-15 Crunches
-15 Reverse Crunches
-10 Push-ups (back onto my toes again!)
-15 Side Plank Hip Raises, per side
-15 Bent-Over Rows
-20 Jumping Jacks

Friday, November 13th
rest day

Saturday, November 14th
45-minute Walk

Postpartum Running – when to start? {workout log: 11/1 – 11/7}

For the first time since Roen was born, I had my first real itch this past week to go for a run.  Physically I felt ready about a month ago, but for reasons I’ll get into in a minute, I simply decided it wasn’t worthwhile.  The reason I wanted to go this week though was because I wanted the mental de-stressor, the time to myself, the time to just zone out and think, pray, or just not think at all.  It was a good reminder of why I truly love running – it’s about so much more than the physical activity/workout part for me.

That said, I still didn’t go running.

Truthfully, the sole reason I’m not yet is because I’m scared it could affect my milk supply.
I know there are people on both sides of the fence on this, too – some will jump at the chance to tell me it won’t have any affect, and others who will say it’ll probably make my supply crash.  I think the real answer varies from person to person.

I had to lay off of long distance running the year before becoming pregnant to aid my body in overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea – it was messing with my hormones and, along with other lifestyle changes, I had to adjust my running.  That’s the reason I didn’t run at all while pregnant (because it seemed like a risky decision for me), and now I’m in the same dilemma with breastfeeding – I don’t want to risk losing the supply I have.

I’m debating about whether to wait until Roen is around 6 months old, because that’s the minimum amount of time I hope to nurse him to, but I’m still unsure.
All this to say – you other (runner) mamas out there, when did you start running again after your baby was born?  And how did it affect your milk supply, if at all?  I’d love to hear your experiences.

Sunday, November 1st
30-minute Walk

Monday, November 2nd
rest day

Tuesday, November 3rd
35-minute Walk
and this workout, twice through:

Lower Body Workout for Endurance & Strength

Wednesday, November 4th
25-minute Walk
15 minutes Yoga/Stretching

Thursday, November 5th
35-minute Walk
this workout, 10 reps each, 3 times through:

upper body strength workout -

Friday, November 6th
relaxed 30-minute Walk

Saturday, November 7th
rest day

workout log: 10/11 – 10/17

This was a good week – I’m happy with the variety and hope to make this week ahead look very similar.

Sunday, October 11th
rest day

Monday, October 12th
20-minute Walk
and this workout:

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

Tuesday, October 13th
20-minute Walk
this workout twice through:

Wedding Day Arms Workout!

Wednesday, October 14th
45-minute Walk

Thursday, October 15th
rest day

Friday, October 16th
45-minute Walk
this workout circuit, 3 times through:

just the basics full body strength workout

Saturday, October 17th
rest day

Best Postpartum Week Yet {workout log: 10/4 – 10/10}

This was definitely my best week (workout-wise) since Roen was born – lots of walks plus a few different strength training/circuit workouts thrown in.  I wouldn’t say we have a set daytime schedule on weekdays, which I’m perfectly fine with, but his naps are becoming more predictable and nighttime is continually improving, so that’s all helping me out as well.
Here’s how my week went:

Sunday, October 4th
45-minute Walk

Monday, October 5th
30-minute Walk
this workout 4 times through:

just the basics full body strength workout

Tuesday, October 6th
45-minute Walk

Wednesday, October 7th
the following workout 3 times through (except that instead of doing the jumping jacks and plank after every move, I did them after the first three, the next three, and the final two)

Upper Body & Core Strength Circuit Workout

Thursday, October 8th
rest day

Friday, October 9th
40-minute Walk
and this circuit, 3 times through (I was hoping for more but someone decided to wake up extra early from his nap)

Toned in 10 - full body circuit workout -

Saturday, October 10th
30-minute Walk

workout log 9/6 – 9/12

I mostly walked this week for workouts – that always works best when we have company.  I did, however, get my first postpartum strength training workout in.  I was sore (that great kind of sore) for a few days after – loved that!

I had my 6-week PP visit with my midwife and she said that I’m healing great and all seems to be well.

Looking forward to more of a variety in workouts this coming week!

baby Roen in the stroller

Sunday, September 6th
30-minute Walk

Monday, September 7th
60-minute Walk

Tuesday, September 8th
rest day

Wednesday, September 9th
30-minute Walk
and this workout from Julie…this was my first postpartum strength workout and I loved it:


Thursday, September 10th
rest day

Friday, September 11th
60-minute Walk/Hike

Saturday, September 12th
45-minute Walk

Postpartum Fitness {workout log: 8/23 – 8/29}

It’s no secret that I love to exercise.  It’s not only good for my physical health, of course, but I enjoy it because of how great it is for my mental health.  I was active all throughout my pregnancy, but the intensity and duration of each workout significantly lessened by the end since my body just required more and more rest.  Now that I’m in the postpartum stage, I’m excited to get back into regular, more challenging workouts again.

I feel good physically – no soreness for a couple of weeks now – and I can easily walk for a long time without being too fatigued.  That being said, I’m not about to go out for a 3-mile run quite yet.  My body has a ways to go first and I want to get there with one small step at a time (no pun intended).

I plan to go about this cautiously/wisely in order to do all I can to regain strength and prevent injuries.  I’m excited to be “a runner” again, but I’m not willing to try that out too early at the expense of my health (one very cute little baby relies on me now and I can’t afford to be out of commission).  I’m only 4 weeks from giving birth and since I didn’t run at all during my pregnancy or lift any weights the last 6 weeks, I want to make strength a priority first.

My plan:
-Start out/continue with regular walks with the stroller: 30-60 minutes, 4-5 times a week (ish).
-Do yoga/stretch several times a week.  I love Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown video and I plan to use that to get back in the groove.
-Once I’ve gained a bit of strength from yoga and walking, add in some body weight strength training workouts a couple of times a week.
-At this point I’ll probably add in some weights to my strength training workouts and hopefully start running soon after.
-I don’t know what my capabilities will be with running until I get to that point, so I’ll figure that out when the time comes.
-I’d love to join a gym to participate in fitness classes at some point, but we’ll see if that becomes an option time- and budget-wise.

I’m so grateful for a healthy, capable body.

stroller walk

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog (4 years ago!?) was to record my progress with fitness and that included logging/sharing my weekly workouts.  Since I hope to see a lot of progress in this area once again over the next year+ I’ve decided to resume these posts.

Here are this past week’s workouts, week 1 of recording in this postpartum time:

Sunday, August 23rd
60-minute Walk with the stroller
(it’s safe to assume that every walk from here on out is with Roen in the stroller)

Monday, August 24th
90-minute Walk

Tuesday, August 25th
30-minute Walk

Wednesday, August 26th
60-minute Walk

Thursday, August 27th
rest day

Friday, August 28th
30-minute Walk

Saturday, August 29th
rest day

workout log: 11/30 – 12/6


Sunday, November 30th
no set workout, but we did bowl for an hour and a half and went for a 25-minute Walk with Zida

Monday, December 1st
upper body strength training workout
15 minutes of Elliptical intervals
15-minute high incline Walk

Tuesday, December 2nd
I did this lower body workout, 3 times through:
(I posted it on the blog years ago, and then I held 25-lb. weights for all of the exercise.  This time, I used no added weight and holy cow was my heart racing!)

lower body blast workout

plus 20 minutes on the stationary Bike

Wednesday, December 3rd
45-minute Walk with high incline intervals

Thursday, December 4th
upper body strength workout:

3 times through:
10 bicep curls
10 tricep kickbacks
10 overhead shoulder presses
10 chest flys
10 skull crushers
10 static bicep curls, per side (pump on arm while the other stays in place at a 90 degree angle)
10 front rows
10 bent-over rows

15 minutes on the stationary Bike
15-minute Walk

Friday, December 5th
2 videos from Barre 3 (each was 10 minutes long)
and then this lower body workout, 5 times through:

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

Saturday, December 6th
about an hour long Walk with Jesse and Zida
And about an hour of Tennis with Jesse in the afternoon

workout log: 11/23 – 11/29


Sunday, November 23rd
30-minute Walk with Zida

Monday, November 24th
this “beach booty” workout, 3 times through:

beach booty workout

followed by a 2-mile Run (16:44)
and a 20-minute Walk

Tuesday, November 25th
upper body strength workout
30-minute high incline Walk

Wednesday, November 26th
30-minute Walk

Thursday, November 27th
90-minute Walk (out with the family before Thanksgiving dinner)

Friday, November 28th
15 minutes Elliptical intervals
upper body strength training
15-minute high incline Walk

Saturday, November 29th
this lower body workout (5 times through)

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

followed by 30 minutes of Elliptical intervals

workout log: 11/9 – 11/15

Just popping in on a Saturday to share my workout log.  I really didn’t spend much time running and found other workouts to do instead this past week.  I was really sore from playing tennis at the beginning of the week so I adjusting my plans according to that – a little extra yoga was perfect.

If you’re looking for an online source for yoga workouts you should definitely check out Gaiam TV.  You can take a quick quiz to start with so you know what type of yoga will best suit your personality and lifestyle.

Sunday, November 9th
2 hours of Tennis, plus some biking and walking around town

Monday, November 10th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1, 35 minutes)
and a 35-minute Walk with Zida

Tuesday, November 11th
upper body workout, 3 times through
and 15 minutes of Yoga

arms & abs living room workout

Wednesday, November 12th
lower body workout 5 times through
and 30 minutes of Elliptical intervals

15-Minute Legs & Glutes Workout

45-minute Walk with Zida

Thursday, November 13th
5-minute warm-up
3-mile Run (25:12)
10-minute cool-down

Friday, November 14th
45-minute Walk with Zida

Saturday, November 15th
2 hours of Tennis plus biking to and from the courts