3 things for Friday

1.  Yesterday’s Post

Well, yesterday’s post was obviously something very personal that I shared… I debated about publishing it, but I thought that, if nothing else, there were probably other women going through a similar situation and talking about it might be great for us all!  And that’s definitely what I learned – why don’t we talk more openly about this sort of a thing?!  Yes, it’s personal, but it’s such a major part of our health!

Thanks to everyone who commented and shared their experiences and/or opinions on the situation.  I love when we have those kinds of discussions here!!

Also, I’ll definitely share what we decide and how it goes – that’ll probably be a couple months from now though since it’s going to take some time to adjust, regardless of whatever method we try next.  Here’s to hoping it all goes well and is for the best.


2.  Larabar ALT Bar Giveaway Winner

I think this giveaway brought a few of you quiet readers out of hiding, and I loved that! :)

A winner was chosen this morning….

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 8.01.22 AM

Larabar ALT Bar Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Tara!!

Email me at { itsprogressionnotperfection@gmail.com } so that we can get your ALT bars to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


3.  a little thought for the weekend

slow down

Happy Friday, friends.  Thanks so much for hanging out with me here in this little corner of the blog world…
Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. I like that quote, a good reminder! Have a great weekend!
    Laura recently posted…Workouts in Rewind from the weekMy Profile

  2. I love that quote :). Have a great weekend, and a happy anniversary!!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…Simone France Skin Care SystemMy Profile

  3. I need to remember that quote. Seriously, I cannot just SIT STILL. I realize this as I try so hard just to sit and breathe…or even sit and read (!) and have to get up and DO something within 10-15 minutes. Currently living in a house without internet has helped in many ways, since I turn off the network on my phone most of the time, I’m able to truly disconnect and at least ‘slow down’ when it comes to social media and the constant need to blog.
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted…One Word Wednesday: WisconsinMy Profile

  4. I love reading your blog… you are so authentic. Keep taking risks. I think it speaks to people!
    Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted…Sunny Sentimental RunMy Profile

  5. Thank you so much Danica!! :) I really appreciate you sharing things that are personal. It helps me realize that it is okay to open up. It is a great way to cope and gain strength in that particular area! Have a great weekend!
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted…Fun Facts Friday- 6/7/2013My Profile

  6. Great quote @ the end. Have a lovely weekend darling <3
    Jessie recently posted…Fire RecapMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the quote! It’s a great reminder right at the start of the weekend. I loved your post yesterday, and have been thinking about the same thing myself for a while. I love reading other blogger’s opinions on topics like that – we all think about those touchy subjects and it’s awesome when someone is brave enough to tackle them! Kudos to you.
    Emilie recently posted…Lemon Chicken with Tomato Basil SalsaMy Profile

  8. Happy weekend love and happy one year wedding anny too <3
    Katie recently posted…Good News and Not So Good NewsMy Profile

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