3.15 friday randomness

1.  Sorry I went MIA yesterday…I just needed a day away from the blog.  We all need a break once in a while, right?

2.  I’ve noticed a lot of new readers around It’s Progression lately…and I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for stopping by, for reading, for commenting, and for just giving attention to my little corner of the blog world  :)

3.  What’s everyone doing for St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you celebrate?
I don’t think I’ve ever really celebrated the day before in my life, except maybe going to parades when I was a kid (my mom can fact-check this)…it always baffles me though that a holiday meant to be about a saint who spread the word of God and Christianity and explained the Holy Trinity is now a day about drinking beer and eating corned beef…

4.  Have I mentioned yet that I’m going to a Rihanna concert in about a week?  My aunt and I are going, and I think I’m just as excited about spending the whole day with her shopping beforehand :)  Advice needed–what on earth do I wear to a Rihanna concert without looking like, well, Rihanna?  You catch my drift right?  There has to be some happy-medium between a conservative sweater and a reveal-it-all-dress that I can wear and still sort of “fit in”…?

5.  Google Reader won’t be available after July 1st!  As I’m sure you’ve heard…time to get used to Bloglovin‘!


6.  this scares me: 13 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

7.  If you need caffeine, choose coffee over soda any day.

8.  Aaaand we’re supposed to get more snow today.  Someone please come rescue me.


9.  I have the itch right now to register for a ton of races this spring/summer…why do race registrations have to be so stinking expensive??

10.  Plans for this weekend = not much of anything!  J needs a new swimsuit before vacation so we plan to do a little shopping at some point, and then it’s just the regular weekend to-dos…I’m excited to relax!


  1. Haha that point about the Rihanna made me laugh. I would have no idea. I see your point that it’s not like just going to the cinema on a casual night out…Tricky. I think go for casual/glitzy. Like jeans with a pretty top?
    I’m exactly in the same mindset about races at the moment. I have already signed up for another half marathon and a 10k. I need to be stopped!

    • Skinny jeans and a flowy/glitzy top is the consensus I’m getting :)
      I’ve never done a 10K…is it ridiculous that that race intimidates me more than a half marathon??

  2. Jen teichroew says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! So nice to be able to just be home with your family do what ever you want! Enjoy!

    • Our day today had a few kinks thrown in (r.i.p. pt cruiser), but all in all, everyone is safe and we get to spend the rest of the weekend now relaxing at home :)

  3. colored skinnies and a cute flowy (is that a word?) top. that’s probably what i would wear anyway. have fun. your aunt must be a pretty hip lady.

    i love reading your blog. you seem like a very genuine person.

    don’t get me started on race fees. i mean i get that a lot of hard work went in to preparing. but geez!

    if i could do anything it would be start a race series that’s affordable. someday. maybe:)

    • My aunt is one of my best friends! She’s a lot younger than I think people picture someone who is an adult’s aunt, but yes, she’s more excited for Rihanna than I am!

      to your 2nd point: thank you. really. It means a lot to me that you said that…everything on this blog is sincere :)

  4. Bloglovin is great. I switched about a year ago after it was rumored Google would be dropping Reader. I actually like it better!

    I’m also not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day. I just can’t bring myself to care. Plus I’m not Irish, so why bother?

    • That’s exactly how I feel about St. Patrick’s day too.

      I’m getting the hang of Bloglovin (I like it, too!) so I’m working on switching all of my subscriptions over…this process is also good for sifting out some blogs I really don’t LOVE to read anymore.

  5. No big plans for St Patricks Day…. ;) The weather here in Arkansas has been amazing! The high today is 80! Of course this summer it will be 102!!
    I would have no clue what to wear to the concert…. ;)

    Have a great day!

  6. Oooo I know your sick of snow, send it my way! It’s been hitting 80 a couple times down here, and I’d love a good snow!

  7. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend! I’m all about spring races too – they are expensive bah!!!

    • When I look at just one it seems fine, but I don’t want to sign up for just one of course, and then they really start to add up quickly!

  8. Choose TEA over coffee and soda ANY day …. I’m bias ;)

  9. Amen to #1. It can all be a bit overwhelming at times, for me at least! I am actually thinking about taking a little blog break for a week coming up here soon to just step away from it all.

    That list of the 13 foods not banned is pretty scary…I hate reading things like that! :/

    • I get so anxious when I read those kinds of articles too!! It’s overwhelming when I start to dig into out crazy messed up our food industry is–it almost makes me scared of food, which isn’t good…It’s definitely motivating to keep buying plenty of organic fruits & veggies though!

  10. I’m so sick of winter weather too! Can it please be spring?? I’m going shopping this weekend too — I need some spring clothes for vacation!

  11. I WISH races weren’t so expensive! I would sign up for a lot more if they were cheaper. I just can’t afford all of the stuff. I have contemplated just running with a group that happens to be doing a race :) I love the aspect of racing, and pushing myself, but my wallet, sadly, can’t afford it :(

  12. enjoy your weekend!! We always need that blog break ya know? And have you looked at feedly?

  13. Ahh! I am in *LOVE* with rihanna!! Please take a MILLION pictures – you should devote like an entire week to Rihanna posts :) haha… outfit-wise, hmm… skinny jeans, heels, some type of black sweater and big earrings?

  14. I’m excited for your next race! I have started looking for smaller/local races around here to save some money. The one half I ran was only $45, and only a couple hundred runners. Nice and relaxed but still a race!

    Rihanna concert sounds so fun! I think sexy shoes, skinny jeans and a sparkly top would be perfect.

    I just read the history of Saint Patrick and it was quite interesting. People love any reason to drink lots of beer and eat good food, and probably don’t know how the day originated.


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