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Workouts 5/20 – 5/26: Last Week of Half Marathon Training

This was my last week of half marathon training!  It was a great week for workouts in general and I’m resting today to be as energized as possible tomorrow morning.  I’m also focusing on eating a few extra carbs today, drinking a lot of water, and eating home-cooked foods that are healthy and I know won’t upset my stomach.  In 22 hours I’ll be running my first ever half marathon!!

Miles I’ve Run so far in 2012 –> 189

Sunday, May 20th
5 minutes of this rotation: 20-second plank, 5-second rest
**holy shoulder burn!!
This arm workout, the ab workout (click on the picture for the link), then repeated!

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*I subbed in supermans for the planks since I already did them at the beginning of the workout
**definitely made my abs sore!!

Monday, May 21st
3-mile Run (25:42)
5-minute Walk
softball game

Tuesday, May 22nd
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
this upper body workout (twice through)
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Wednesday, May 23rd
4-mile Run (35:03)
30-minute Walk

Thursday, May 24th
active rest day…
a couple hours of walking around the mall/shopping
40-minute Walk after dinner

Friday, May 25th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Video (level 1) 35 minutes
this upper body workout:

2-mile Run (17:50)
Ab workout just like Sunday’s

Saturday, May 26th
rest day!