Patiently waiting for baby…

I’ll answer everyone’s #1 question first:  No, baby has not made his appearance yet ;)

I love how many guesses there are on the baby birth day post!  There’s still a little time to make your prediction if you haven’t yet.  I have to say though, I can’t believe how few of you guessed he’ll be born after the due date.  Like I’ve said from the beginning, I’d be shocked if he arrived before August 4th, and I’m still guessing he’ll make his appearance between the 7th and the 12th.  That being said, I’d be thrilled if he came sooner!

While we’re officially on “baby watch,” I don’t feel (at all) like I’m just sitting around waiting for contractions to start.  Between company and trying to get everything done I hope to before the baby is born, I’ve felt plenty busy.  Unabashedly, I’ve also spent some time just hanging out poolside this week.  I figure I may as well enjoy these last few days of simple, quiet me-time (plus it helps keep me cool – it’s been so hot here).

haircut pre-baby

Yesterday I got my haircut.  I obviously know that life after baby doesn’t mean I’m stuck in my house unable to do anything ever again, but it seemed like a smart choice to get it trimmed before these next few months are consumed by adjusting to life with a newborn.  Plus it was really fun to be pampered for an hour while chatting with the stylist all things pregnancy/childbirth/parenting :)

Jesse assembling baby furniture

I swear to you that seeing your husband building furniture for your baby’s room makes him sexy in a whole new way.

Speaking of Jesse…Our friend Hannah, who got married back in May, recently sent me these pictures her photographer captured of Jesse and I dancing at the reception, to “Jessie’s Girl” nonetheless.  I think they’re pretty cute.

Jesse & Danica, wedding dance

Jesse & Danica - hannah's wedding dance

This afternoon I’m making the rest of the freezer meals I planned on – we don’t have a large freezer but it’ll be full after today.  I hope the food is as helpful as I imagine it will be, particularly when our company is gone.

My “nesting” phase definitely applies to food, too.

Along with those freezer meals, I’ve been stocking our pantry with foods like oats, nuts/seeds, nut butters, etc.  A lot of it was ordered from Thrive Market – I’m so impressed with the site’s products and prices.

thrive market order

We have company arriving on Saturday morning and then someone from our families will be here until mid-August.  We’re looking forward to having loved ones here during this special time!  I’m hoping everyone gets a chance to meet him, meaning he isn’t two+ weeks overdue ;)

Since we’ll have people here for weeks, Jesse and I are also planning to go on our last pre-parenthood date night on Friday.  That whole idea seems surreal…I’m excited to spend the night out together!

I don’t know how often I’ll be popping in between now and when the baby is born because that all depends on when he arrives.  I promise though that I will be sharing the announcement here on the blog, so stay tuned!

Baby Buss’ Birth Day Predictions {giveaway!}

I hope you had a great weekend!  We spent most of our Saturday in Berkeley.  I had a health coaching session there, Jesse and I then got lunch, and later in the afternoon we attended a “refresher course” for our Bradley Method classes since we took them a bit earlier than most people.  It was a great time to chat with our instructor, catch up, and just review things we haven’t thought about for a while.  On Sunday we tried a new-to-us church (it was quite disappointing, unfortunately, but highlighted how much better-fit-for-us the previous church we visited is), assembled the baby’s crib(!), spent some time at the pool, and put together the bookshelf we received for the baby’s room.  All baby furniture is now assembled except for the glider we ordered, which should arrive the first half of this week.  I just stood in the baby’s room last night with a big smile on my face – I can’t wait for him to be here!

38.5 weeks pregnant

I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow, and as we’re all aware, baby could make his appearance any day now.  Jesse and I are trying hard to be patient but it’s not easy.  I think our family is officially on baby watch now, too :)

I thought it would be fun to make a little “bet” out of WHEN he’ll arrive…so…

I’d love for each of you to make your prediction in the comments below!

  • the DATE of when he’ll be born

  • the TIME of day he’ll be born

  • and his WEIGHT

  • bonus: if you feel like guessing a name, that would be especially fun…we also haven’t decided for sure yet so we’re open to suggestions :)

If you can help it, try not to guess the exact same thing as someone else.

Anyone can enter!  Family, friends, blog readers of all kinds.  The more that comment with a guess the more fun this will be :)

Whoever makes the closest guess will win a prize from yours truly.

I can’t say *exactly* what I’m going to send yet because it’s going to vary a bit depending on who wins.  I’d love to mail a package of some of my favorite (food) things from either Thrive Market or Swanson Vitamins, but it may be something else like a gift card to Trader Joe’s or Target, a baby gift if you have a baby on the way, or even a stack of my favorite books if I know you love to read – something tailored to you that I think you’d like!

Predict away!!

A Handful of Great Summer Reads {book reviews}

Happy Friday!

Since we have another break in having company, Jesse and I are back at assembling baby furniture.  Last night we assembled his little dresser – it turned out so cute.  Now today I can start putting the baby’s little clothes in it so they aren’t just scattered all over the floor.

We’re not doing an all-out nursery like some people do (paint, theme, etc.), but we are putting everything together for the baby’s room.  If it’s all done with before the baby is born, I’ll definitely do a little post sharing the look of the room and the pieces we chose to get.  If it’s doesn’t get totally done before the baby arrives, I can’t promise anything.  Either way, I’m excited to have it all organized :)


There are a few more books I’ve read this summer that I wanted to recap on the blog in case anyone is looking for a good weekend/vacation read or something to add to their to-read list.

Here are a handful I recently finished…

the midwife of hope river by patricia harman

The Midwife of Hope River
by Patricia Harman


I really enjoyed this novel.  It was so interesting to read about how midwifery and childbirth were approached during the 1920s and 30s.  I thought the author did a great job of making the story a balance between midwifery and the other major issues in the South during that era, including how those problems affected the midwife’s “practice.”  It was a pretty quick read and I plan to also check out the sequel (plus Patricia Harman’s other books) sometime soon.

the christian atheist by craig groeschel

The Christian Atheist
by Craig Groeschel


This was truly one of the greatest faith-related books I’ve ever read, and I can’t recommend it enough.  The author was real and honest and shared so much unhindered truth about what it means to really be a Christian.  It was humbling without being a bit condemning.  This is one of those books that, upon finishing it, I wanted to buy a copy for everyone I know.  Also, I’m pretty sure I would benefit from reading this once a year for the rest of my life.


You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream
by Holley Gerth


If you’re contemplating your dream in life (God’s dream for you), to any capacity, this is a good book for you.  Whenever I read a book by Holley Gerth it truly feels like she’s having a conversation with me and practically giving me a big hug and friendly smile at the same time.  She’s so gentle and truthful with her words.  I enjoyed this book, but I will say that I loved this book of hers a lot more.

fly a little higher by laura sobiech

Fly a Little Higher
by Laura Sobiech


It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this story, but once I did I fell in love with this family.  Laura Sobiech is an incredible woman who lead her son and her family through an incredibly challenging time.  I found a lot of encouragement from her story, and it was easy to see how God worked through her son Zach and their entire family – He can always turn a terrible situation into something beautiful.  It was a really great book and I certainly recommend it, just maybe have a tissue around for the final chapter.

the nesting place by myquillyn smith

The Nesting Place
by Myquillyn Smith


This was really fun to read right after moving into our new apartment.  The pictures and design of this book in and of itself are beautiful.  Mostly, I loved how the author explained the reasons for making your home your own.  There were great tips for decorating without overspending on anything (she does everything on a very small budget, which is awesome) and gave solid advice that easily spills over into other areas of life.  I’ve never considered myself a decorator (primarily because it’s just not an interest of mine), but I still found this book to be refreshing, entertaining, and it gave me some good things to think about in regards to my home, my family, my faith, and my actions.


If you’ve read any of these books, I’d love to know what you thought of them!

Wishing you a sunny weekend!

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

And just like that, I’m full-term.

We had our 38-week appointment with our midwife yesterday.  Things with the baby are still going very well – my belly measured right on track, my weight is fine, and the baby’s heartbeat is at a healthy (and consistent) 140 bpm.  She did notice that his head seemed lower than last week, which I was not surprised to hear – it feels like he’s so low now.  My blood pressure was just a bit higher than normal, too, which she noted but wasn’t too concerned about – it was later in the day than normal, I was hungry, and I’d been on my feet a lot that day.  I was ordered to be resting more, especially laying on my left side when resting.  All I could think was “Deal, lady. I’m exhausted.”

There was also some disappointing news from our appointment, but I’ll share about that in the “feeling” category below.

We had our final appointment with our doula this past week as well – she’s just so wonderful and I’m thrilled she’ll be there to support us during this labor and birth!

38 weeks pregnant

this belly is huge!

Here’s how things are going at this stage of my pregnancy…


…TIRED – I get just exhausted so easily.

…menstrual-like cramps off and on throughout the day still – nothing consistent or very measurable – I think it’s just my body preparing for labor.

….Hot. (as in my temperature, not in the attractive way ;)  Thank goodness for the pool, cold fruit, and ice cold water.

…a bit overwhelmed with all I hope to get done before he arrives.

…emotional…with just so many different emotions…

…disappointed at the news that I tested positive for GBS.  I know there’s nothing I could’ve really done to prevent it (many women experience it when they’re pregnant), and there’s nothing I can do about it now.  What it means is that I’ll (most likely) receive 1-2 rounds of antibiotics once I’m admitted into the hospital, before the baby is born, to avoid passing it along to him.  I’m bummed about needing to have a heplock for this (and while I’m laboring), but my midwife said I’ll need very minimal fluids with the antibiotics, if any, and ultimately it won’t limit my mobility during labor.  I really don’t want my body (or the baby’s) to have antibiotics, but it’s worth it to make sure he doesn’t get sick.  I’m also glad that I know now it’ll happen rather than being surprised at the time of labor.


His head is down, meaning his butt is up, so now most of the movements I feel are his feet kicking, particularly on my right side.  I also feel his little butt sometimes when he swings it over to the left side before kicking his feet.  Sometimes it feels like he’s stretching and pushing his butt/back outwards (toward my belly button) – that’s when I get strong, low pressure.

Feeling his movements in my belly is still just as incredible as it was the very first time I felt a flutter.  And I still think, “there’s really a baby in there?!”


Moving around in any manner ;)  I don’t do any “workouts” anymore – I walk Zida a bit sometimes, I shop, I’m exploring/sightseeing with our company, and swimming a little bit every other day or so.  Getting movement in each day is easy, it’s resting enough that I have to put my focus on to ensure it happens.

Food/Drink Aversions:

Nothing in particular, though I confidently know what does or doesn’t sound appealing before each meal.

Food/Drink Cravings:

  • water (I drink so much of it each day)
  • (really) Dark Chocolate
  • my great-grandma’s cinnamon bread (so random, and I just won’t make it myself because I can never get it to turn out like she/everyone else can, but I wish I had a loaf!)
  • raw carrots
  • sparkling water (did I mention I’m thirsty?)


Meh.  It’s not great, but I guess this is also my body preparing me for the baby, right?  As my aunt reminded me yesterday, God’s design for this whole process is nothing short of incredible.

Also, we experienced our first earthquake on Tuesday morning.  It woke us up at about 2:40am – our apartment was shaking, the walls were rattling, the bed was moving.  I immediately realized what it was and grabbed Jesse’s hand.  It didn’t last long and did no damage – it was rated a 4.0, but felt profound to me.  After the shaking, we got out of bed to check things out.  Sweet little Zida was sitting at the foot of the bed and her heart was practically beating out of her chest when I picked her up.  Scott was also here and was woken up by the rattling.  So crazy!  I’d be happy to never experience one again, and I’m thankful it wasn’t any more intense than it was.  I’m also seriously considering creating an “emergency kit” since we apparently now live right on the fault line…

Weight Gain:

As of yesterday’s appointment, I’m up about 28 pounds.  My weight has seemed to level off a bit in the past couple of visits – my midwife said that’s common and means that while the baby is still growing, my body is losing a bit.  She said to just keep eating and resting enough and that my body is doing exactly what it needs to, just truly listen to it.

Stretch Marks?

Yep, some light reddish ones below my belly button, a bit on each the right and left side.  Disappointing but oh well.  Battle wounds, yes?

Belly Button:

Overall flat, but popping out a bit at the top.

Miss Anything?

Just feeling like a normal person…you know, like being able to move around at a normal pace and having a decent amount of energy ;)

Baby Items Purchased:

I’m certain nesting is a real thing and I’m currently in the thick of it.  After waiting until our move to purchase several things, we started collecting many items in the past 2 weeks, including;

  • the baby’s crib and crib mattress  (we have yet to assemble it)
  • dresser for his clothes
  • breast pump (finally got this figured out with insurance – they cover it 100% and the most recommended brand/model was one of my choices – the Medela Pump in Style)
  • a few bottles so that (hopefully…) when I pump, Jesse can do a feeding now and then later on
  • diapers and wipes (from the Honest company)
  • a couple of sleepers
  • and things for myself for postpartum (a robe, some new pjs, pads, giant underwear haha, and a nursing cover/scarf)
  • stocked up on some of my favorite pantry foods, too

Looking Forward to:

-Getting the rest of the baby’s furniture assembled and his room organized.

-Stocking our freezer with a few meals (and lactation cookies).

-Meeting our baby!!!!!!

Jesse and I were talking about how our appointment went yesterday, and we both kind of got the vibe that our midwife isn’t sold on the fact that I’ll go too late anymore.  It’s hard to explain, but she just pointed out a few things that are already happening.  I’m not going to get too excited (and neither should you ;) that he’s coming soon, but we realize that he could make his appearance any day now!

Twins games, Church, Baby Watch Update

This month can just about slow down as far as I’m concerned.  I can’t believe it’s July 20th already?!  We’re on round 2 of having company this month and I’m certain that’s making the time fly all that much faster.  Trying to soak in these days before our lives change completely.

Jesse’s youngest brother Scott is here!  He arrived on Thursday night and will be here for the first half of this week.

Before he arrived on Thursday, I did some baby laundry for the first time.  I nearly broke into tears as I was sitting on the floor of his room folding all of these tiny adorable outfits, socks, hats, washcloths, towels, burpcloths, and blankets.  I have all of his newborn clothes washed (see below) and plan to wash all of the 0-3 months sized clothing once our dresser arrives and is assembled, which should be before the end of this week.

laundry - washing newborn clothes

Jesse was able to take Friday off from work so we spent the day hanging out with Scott, mostly poolside, and then went to the Coliseum for the Oakland A’s vs. Minnesota Twins game.  We won!

twins vs. oakland a's baseball game

Saturday was a pretty similar day, ending with another baseball game, the Twins just didn’t quite pull off a win that night.  (and let’s not even talk about how their game went on Sunday.)


scott, jesse, danica - twins game in oakland

(my energy level was awfully low by Saturday night – it was all a lot of fun though and completely worth it)

We attended church on Sunday morning (after two weeks of visiting, I think we may have found a keeper…answered prayer!) and then went out for crepes for lunch.

what is means to be a Christian - salvation explained in a diagram

This is such a simple yet powerful way to explain salvation and Christianity, isn’t it?  Sunday’s sermon was all about what it means to be a Christian, how to become a Christian, and how to explain to others what being a Christian means.  Amazingly enough, I’ve never heard a sermon on this exact topic before, and I loved it.

savory crepes - lunch

We had our final meeting with our doula in the afternoon, and by that point I knew I just needed to rest for a bit.  Jesse and Scott headed to San Francisco to do some fun touristy stuff, but I called it a day and stayed home.  Quality brother time for them :)

37 weeks 5 days pregnant

Baby Watch Update:

I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow…I’m having light menstrual-like cramps off and on throughout the day and some strong low pressure occasionally, but I don’t think any of this is labor, just my body preparing for labor.  Those moments of cramps and/or pressure are really uncomfortable, but when I don’t have them I feel really good.  My body just requires a lot of rest right now it seems, even though I (mentally) want to be going going going.  So thankful for baby boy’s kicks and squirms.  I’m still predicting he makes his arrival around the 41-week mark, so that means just a few weeks to go!


Do you have a prediction of when the baby will arrive?!

I’m honestly tempted to make a post solely dedicated to this for-fun prediction, offering a prize for whomever gets closest…would that be fun?

Crepes – sweet or savory?

What’s your favorite baseball team?  Have you been to a game this season?

Scatterbrained (both me and this post)

I feel like a total scatterbrain lately.  I don’t know if it’s solely the hormones/pregnancy-related, or if it’s because we’re *s0* close to meeting our baby that I feel overwhelmed by how much I want to get done beforehand combined with how crazy excited I am to meet him.

Either way, this post is going to be a little bit like how my brain is working right now – all over the place and filled with whatever random thing pops into mind (and that’ll probably be a lot of baby-related stuff.  sorry if you’re not into that…)

1.  this.

tweet about the pool and pregnancy

pool side and book

2.  I have an awesome recipe to share with you guys – how long has it been since I last posted a recipe anyway?!  It’s “Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies” and they’re seriously delicious (also dairy-free, gluten-free, and flourless, for anyone who needs one of those prerequisites met).  I’ve made the recipe 3 times now.  So why haven’t I posted it?  Because I haven’t taken a single picture of them before they get eaten up.  I will never be categorized as a recipe developer/food blogger.

3.  My brother is engaged!!!  It’s finally “public knowledge” and I’m soooo excited for him and his fiance.  They’re such a great couple!

4.  I’ve been having some cramps off and on since Sunday.  They feel like light(ish) menstrual cramps and aren’t exactly painful, just uncomfortable.  I don’t notice any pattern with them, and the amount of time they last varies from 2 minutes to over an hour.  Maybe they’re just a form of Braxton Hicks contractions?
(I love that the little guy is moving around in there so much – his kicks and squirms always bring me peace of mind.)

5.  I’m really not worried about labor and birth at all.  I am, however, getting a bit nervous about the postpartum stuff.  A friend shared this article with me and I really appreciated it – I’m the kind of person that wants to be warned of what’s to come so that I don’t get as anxious from the total surprise of it.  The post was the perfect mix of humor and brutal honesty – there were a few times when I was both cringing and laughing out loud.

6.  Zida’s a great helper when it comes to assembling baby furniture…

Zida - assembling baby furniture, play time

7.  Don’t worry, she’s getting a haircut on Monday (poor thing looks like a (very cute) little lion).

8.  I finally have all of our decorations/picture frames up in our apartment, and it makes such a good difference in terms of making the place more homey.

9.  Our baby needs a name yet!!  We’re having a really difficult time settling on one that we both love.  We may just end up deciding after we see his little face!  But I’m hoping we can decide a little sooner than that…

10.  I’d really like to stock our freezer with homemade meals to have on hand to just pop in the oven when the baby is little and we have no interest in cooking (or time or energy).  I would LOVE if you could share a favorite freezer meal with me – feel free to share a link or the dish in the comments!

I’ll stop with the randomness there…I hope your day is going well!

The Books I Read During Pregnancy {book reviews}

Before I was pregnant, I thought I’d want to read every book I could get my hands on once I was pregnant.  It really didn’t turn out that way when the time came though – I still read plenty, but I found that many books made me anxious or I just found the information outdated or discouraging (I don’t think pregnancy is a medical problem, it’s a natural part of life, and many books out there will tell you all about how you’re practically incapable of surviving it…no thanks).

I tried to be very selective when I chose books to read during this pregnancy, and almost all of them turned out to be good, but I’ll share my thoughts of each below….

So these are the books I read about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth during this pregnancy.  Hopefully it’ll give all of you moms-to-be out there some insight into what books may be helpful for you to read and others of you an idea of what might be helpful for a mom-to-be in your life.

real food for mother and baby by nina planck

Real Food for Mother and Baby: The Fertility Diet, Eating for Two, and Baby’s First Foods

by Nina Planck

synopsis here

I actually bought this book before I was pregnant, knowing that sometime in the relatively near future Jesse and I would start trying for a baby – I also love learning about foods that are beneficial for women’s health, so this book just seemed like a good read.  Well, as some of you know, our pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, so I actually began reading this immediately upon finding out I was pregnant.

I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to women who are soon going to try to become pregnant or who already are.  It’s all about eating whole REAL foods and it explains thoroughly the benefits of doing so (for both baby and mama, as the title states).  What felt a little bit overwhelming was just how much great food there is to eat for health, but you have to know that you just do the best you can with the knowledge and resources available.  I loved how much the author shared about her personal experiences while still backing up all of her information with solid research and some plain common sense.  I definitely recommend it!

birthed in prayer book

Birthed in Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey

by Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon, and Leigh Harrison

synopsis here

My grandma gifted me this after I shared with her that I was pregnant.  I read it during my first trimester and I think that was the absolute perfect time to do so.  That first trimester, for me at least, was a fairly scary time.  I was trying to wrap my head around everything that was really happening and there was always that stupid lingering fear that something terrible could happen at any time – I just wanted my itty bitty baby to be healthy!  I bet most women who’ve gone through a pregnancy can understand what I mean.

This book started out a bit too simple, but as I continued on I found so many chapters that shared exactly what was in my heart – the fear and worry, the joy, the excitement, the wonder, the confusion, etc. – and what God says about each of those different feelings.  It gave beautiful insight on how to be realistic and joyful in all circumstances that come with pregnancy, and I’m grateful I read this book.  There’s no doubt in my mind that it profoundly impacted my thoughts and emotions for this pregnancy, in the best way possible.  I highly recommend it.

husband-coached childbirth

Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

by Robert A. Bradley

synopsis here

This was one of two books we read for our Bradley Method Childbirth Course, and it was my preference of the two.  However, it’s no replacement for the classes – those were much more educational, enjoyable, and helpful overall.  Bradley’s style of writing in this book is in a “strong” voice, if you will – feels a tad pushy at times (no pun intended), and I don’t care for that kind of writing.  It was pretty educational though and especially good for Jesse to read.  There were both some takeaways and some things I could’ve done without.

natural childbirth the bradley way

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg

synopsis here

This was the other book we were asked to read during our Bradley Method course.  Jesse and I both agreed that this book was just kind of okay.  It was all one woman’s opinion of how things should be during birth, based on what she learned from the Bradley Method and her own personal experiences.  It did contain good information on positions for labor and birth, and it also was a bit helpful for bringing up a few important discussions between the two of us.  In the end though, I don’t think this book was particularly helpful in our preparation for childbirth – it was my least favorite book of all of these.


Your Pregnancy Week by Week

by Glade B. Curtis and Judith Schuler

synopsis here

I’m still working my way through this one – I read each week’s chapter as I get to it.  This book definitely contains a lot of Western medicine/doctor/hospital/outdated nutrition facts-type of information, if that makes any sense, but it’s easy to pick and choose what information to take to heart.  That being said, I still enjoyed reading about how the baby was doing each week – an estimate of its size, its current developments and changes, changes I might see in myself, things that Jesse and I can be doing to prepare for his arrival, etc.

Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

by Ina May Gaskin

synopsis here

This was probably the best pregnancy/birth book I read.  I know I’ve said this before, but I think Ina May Gaskin is an amazing woman.  (if you don’t know who she is, google her and read about the incredible path she’s paved for women and the voice she’s given to expectant parents, especially if you’re currently pregnant)  The first section of this book is birth stories which, surprisingly, I didn’t find too interesting, but the second section was great.  That was the bulk of the book and it was much more informational than any of the first part.  I love how supportive of women she is – she believes in the ability of a woman to give birth to her baby without unnecessary intervention from pharmaceuticals or surgeries, yet she is still completely respectful of those practices in emergency situations.  This book helped clarify some “standard hospital procedures” and I just found a lot of encouragement from her writing.  My mindset, “birth team,” and surroundings are going to make a world of a different for this labor and birth – I fully believe that – and I think every pregnant woman can benefit from some piece of this book.


Have you read any of these books?  What did you think of them?

For those of you who’ve been through a pregnancy, were you interested in reading books during that time?  If so, what was your favorite one?


Company and Assembling Baby Furniture

I’ve been MIA from the “blog world” this past week because there’s just been so much going on, you know, in real life – all good things, just kept me plenty busy.

Last week, Jesse’s aunts Carrie and Shelly came to visit us!  They were here Tuesday through Saturday and they were such wonderful guests to have – our first company in our new apartment, too.

I did my best to play hostess and give them a nice tour of San Francisco, where we used to live in Berkeley, plus the new area of where we live now.  Go figure that the one day we make a big trip into SF, it rains – making it the 2nd day it’s rained there since December.  The timing of that had both Jesse and I laughing.  Anyway, I had a lot of fun when they were here, hopefully they did, too!

Danica, Shelly, Carrie

coyote hills regional park hiking

scene from hiking

view of the bay - hiking

carrie & shelly & the golden gate bridge


Over the weekend I caught up a bit on “house stuff” (cleaning, laundry, etc.) and got some things done for work.

On Sunday we went to church and then drove to Berkeley – we met up with a couple from our Bradley Method Classes who recently had their baby!  It’s was so fun to hear their birth story and all of their brand new parenting tips, and holding their sweet little baby girl made both Jesse and I even more excited to hold our own baby soon.  We brought the couple a bunch of food and a little congratulations gift.  They ended up giving up a bunch of newborn-size diapers and some gender-neutral clothes their baby girl has already outgrown.  It was so thoughtful of them!

bags of diapers and clothes for baby

We also started assembling baby furniture this weekend…finally!  Can’t wait to get more things set up and organized.

baby's pac n play

Now we have just a few days before our next visitor arrives!  We have a lot of people scheduled to be here between now and October, which is a lot of fun.  It’s just making time fly by…I’m due in just 3 weeks!!

What did you do over the weekend?

When’s the last time you held a brand new baby?

Do you have any company visiting you this summer?
Will you be taking a vacation?


Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

We had our 36-week appointment with our midwife yesterday and both baby and momma are doing well.

I’ve come to the realization that, while it will most likely be a month or more yet, this baby could really make his appearance any time now!

36 weeks pregnant

Here’s how things are going at this stage of my pregnancy…


My feet hurt easily from standing for too long, but my backaches are pretty minimal, which is awesome.  I’ve noticed that I’m very emotional lately, too.  One night I just started crying and had the hardest time explaining why to Jesse – tired of being pregnant but not wanting to wish away the time, tired of feeling unattractive/huge but overwhelmingly grateful for the baby’s health, so so so excited to meet him but feeling like there’s still so much to do first – that sort of craziness.   The man should get a medal for patience and not passing judgment.
Really though, I’m doing very well overall.


Moving was pretty exhausting, so for several days my workout was unpacking or packing.
I go for a walk most days, and now I’ve started swimming most days also.  Swimming is incredible because I feel SO light when I’m in the pool :)  My midwife encouraged it as well.


He’s moving like crazy!  Sometimes it feels like he’s trying to push his way out of my belly with his little tush – it’s a bit uncomfortable but(t) awesome at the same time.
I sometimes feel a foot swipe across the top side of my belly, and he still gets the hiccups several times a day.

Food Aversions:


Food Cravings:

  • BLTs
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Sparkling Flavored Water


It’s alright – some nights are pretty terrible, some nights are pretty good.  I wake up 1-2 times to pee plus a few times to roll myself over to my other side.  I also have wild dreams every night – truly crazy stuff happens.

Weight Gain:

As of my appointment yesterday, I’ve gained a total of 26 pounds.

Stretch Marks?

I now have a couple on the very lower middle part of my belly :(  They showed up around 35 weeks, and I’m not going to lie – I was disappointed about it.  The only thing I can do though is accept them and move on…and continue to apply belly balm like it’s my job with the hope there will be no more ;)

Belly Button:

Mostly very flat but its starting to pop out a bit on the top

Miss Anything?

-Kombucha (I know the jury is still out on its safety during pregnancy, but I chose just to pass on it.  I’ve been craving it lately though and look forward to when I can drink it again soon!)

-Summer Running

-My family!  This has nothing to do with pregnancy really, but exciting things happened with my family over the weekend and I was sad to not be there to give out a couple of hugs.

Baby Items Purchased:

Since my last bumpdate 2 weeks ago, we’ve purchased the baby’s crib and crib mattress.  We avoided buying anything else before our move (why bother having yet another thing to haul over, right?) and ordered the crib and mattress after moving – it should be here next week.  There isn’t too much yet that we plan on buying before the baby comes!  We just need to put everything together and do a little organizing.

Looking Forward to:

-Assembling baby furniture and putting together his room!!  We finally have everything else unpacked and put away so we’re ready to set up all of his things!  Doing this will also help us know what else there is we need/want to purchase.

-The many visitors scheduled to stay with us over the next 3-4 months.

-Meeting this sweet baby boy is just a month!!

Our Move over the Fourth of July Weekend

Well we’re all moved in to our new place!  And by “moved in” I mean all of our things are in the apartment – having everything unpacked and organized is a completely different story.  It’s a chaotic mess in this place right now.  I have a lot of unpacking, organizing, and cleaning to do!  That being said, Jesse and I both really like our new place so far.  I can tell that I’m going to like this city much more than I did Berkeley – it’s just not so congested, the people already seem friendlier, and it just has a bit more of a “small town” feel, which I like/need.  Our actual apartment is nicer too (a much better suit for us), the complex is great (we have a pool! and it’s quiet, plus there are plenty of kids around which was a rare sighting where we were before), we’re in a good location, and we’re looking forward to exploring the area.  It’s strange to me how we moved just ~40 miles away and yet it’s a lot warmer here, but I’m pretty sure that’s because we’re not along the bay/water anymore.  I’m feeling very grateful for how things went this weekend and where we’re settling before this baby arrives soon.

We moved on Friday, and it turned out to be a much longer day than we expected it to be, but overall everything went well and we were happy with the moving company we hired.  I was completely exhausted by Friday night (and I didn’t even do any heavy lifting!) and I’m finally feeling recovered today.

We were a bit sad to be away from family on Independence Day, but we made the best of it.  Between unpacking and running some errands, we attended the city’s Fourth of July parade and spent time at the pool.

empty apartment while moving

chipotle dinner after moving

Fremont 4th of July parade 1

Fremont Fourth of July Parade 2

Jesse & Danica - pool - 4th of July

35 weeks pregnant - swimming - 4th of July

(I promise I’m wearing swim bottoms despite how invisible they seem in this picture ;)

cherry pie - 4th of July

unpacking after move


What did you do for the Fourth of July?

How many times have you moved in your life?

I moved a few times as a kid, and since moving to college, I’ve lived in 6 different places.  I’m hoping this is our last place before we buy a home again in MN :)

Women who have survived pregnancies in the summer – how did you do it?!  #HotAllTheTime