Our Last Few Days in Minnesota

by Danica on September 16, 2014

Let’s back up a bit to Friday night…

Jesse and I went out to the Four Daughters Winery with our friends Matt & Jenna.  We had a great time and the vineyard was beautiful - I’d highly recommend it if you live in southeast MN.  The best part of the night was easily telling stories and laughing with one another.

wine samplers

matt, jenna, danica, jesse - friends

Saturday started with a walk with Zida while Jesse took the car to get its oil changed (make sure everything is all set for our long drive ahead) amongst other errands.

40-minute walk - garmin

zida and danica - walk

We spent a lot of the day packing up the house.  It felt so weird to see our closet once it was all emptied.

packing up the closet - moving

I then got my hair cut (note: back of the head selfies are difficult. who knew?) before Jesse and I went out for dinner with our dear friend Brianna.


jesse, danica, brianna

I just love this girl so so much and boy did we both cry before leaving :’(

Brianna handmade me a gift for us – it’s one of the most special gifts I think I’ve ever received.  And as if front alone wasn’t enough to do me in, her message on the back sure did.  It’s perfect…I can’t wait to hang it up in our new place.

MN to CA handmade decoration - gift from brianna

Jesse and I went out for a final run and walk in our neighborhood on Sunday morning and then went to the later morning church service.

jesse & danica - run

church service

We had lunch with Jesse’s dad’s side of the family.  It was so nice of them to drive over to see us and we enjoyed our time with them!

buss family dinner

After running another car load of things to GoodWill (the 3rd huge haul of this move), we stopped over to say goodbye to the family I used to nanny for – they’ve become great friends.  Their mother is one of the most amazing women I know.   I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture with her before leaving, but Jesse captured a few candid ones from our time there.

danica, ada, emma

danica, william

reading a book, danica, ada


Matt & Jenna stopped over to say goodbye that night.  Seriously, more crying…have I mentioned that change is really hard?

We spent the rest of the night packing – literally, I was up until about 1am.

house packed up

And on Monday morning the movers arrived around 9am.

moving truck

The whole thing feels so surreal.  But like my wonderful friend Amanda pointed out – we’re in the best place right now…sad to leave and say goodbye to loved friends and family, and also excited to get to where we’re going for a new adventure.  She’s absolutely right.  We are so very blessed.

Jesse and I both were very emotional leaving our house for the last time.  He took care of shutting the locked door because I just stood there staring at it with tears in my eyes.

We loved our house.  It holds so many great memories from the past 2.5 years and we’re thankful not only to have lived in it, but to be able to pass along a great place to another young couple.

We took a teary-eyed picture in front of our place before getting into the car and heading out on our way.

6242 - jesse, danica, zida - our first home


We arrived in our hometown yesterday afternoon.  My grandpa is very sick and we were able to visit him at the hospital – I’m grateful we were able to see him for a bit.  We then had dinner with my parents at their house and relaxed for the remainder of the night – just what we needed, including the bottle of wine I shared with my mother ;)  We’ll be here until tomorrow when we leave for our looooong trip to our new home in California.



workout log: 9/1 – 9/14

by Danica on September 14, 2014


Monday, September 1st
3.5 miles of walking/jogging with Jesse (I think we probably ran close to 2 miles of it)
40-minute Bike Ride

Tuesday, September 2nd
upper body strength workout
core workout
45-minute Walk

Wednesday, September 3rd
55-minute jog/walk, 5.25 miles total  (I figure I ran just over 3 of those miles)

Thursday, September 4th
lots of walking around San Francisco (so hilly!)

Friday, September 5th
a lot of walking around San Francisco again

Saturday, September 6th
Jesse and I went for a 30-minute jog/walk around the neighborhood of where we stayed (again – so hilly!)

Sunday, September 7th
repeat of Saturday’s

Monday, September 8th
upper body strength workout (I’ll be sharing soon)
2-mile Run
20-minute Walk

Tuesday, September 9th
lower body strength workout (again, I’ll be sharing it soon)
30-minute Walk

Wednesday, September 10th
3-mile Run
30-minute Walk

Thursday, September 11th
Jillian Mcchaels’ Yoga Meltdown video (level 1 – 35 minutes)
30-minute Walk with Zida
this workout, but instead of timing it I did it 8 times through with a little break between each round…

Toned in 10 - full body circuit workout - itsprogression.com

Friday, September 12th
2-mile Run
30-minute Walk

Saturday, September 13th
40-minute Walk with Zida
and a lot of packing up the house

Sunday, September 14th
2-mile Run with Jesse
30-minute Walk

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