Five things Friday 02.27.15

by Danica on February 27, 2015

Happy Friday!

a few random things from this week…

1.  I’m itching to redesign my blog.  It looks so congested to me right now and I’m ready for a new look.  I want to do it myself, but I’m terribly impaired when it comes to both technology and design, so it’ll be quite interesting.  I won’t be attempting it for at least a couple of weeks (see #5) and when I do I’ll give you a warning because who knows what will happen when I attempt to change everything ;)

2.  I felt the baby move for the first time earlier this week!!!  It was an incredible feeling – I can’t even imagine what it’ll feel like once the baby really starts moving in there and I feel its kicks and flips regularly.  I haven’t felt these flutters more than a couple of times, but I’m told it’s the baby!

Zida resting on the baby bump - felt baby's movements!

Zida loves to rest her head on my belly – I think she just knows something special is going on in there.

3.  Less than 3 weeks until we find out if Baby Buss is a boy or a girl!  I’ll certainly share on the blog once we’ve had a chance to tell our family and friends.  Do you have a prediction?!?  Jesse’s convinced it’s a girl, and I just have no idea.

4.  Smoothies are an everyday occurrence for me right now – poured into a bowl or mug and topped with nuts and/or granola.

smoothie in a bowl with walnuts and granola

5.  We have visitors coming for the next two weeks!  I can’t even stand how excited I am.  Because of that though, I may not blog at all for 2+ weeks – I just want to enjoy the time they’re here.  I’ll check back in when I have a chance!

I hope you enjoy the weekend!


How I’m Exercising During this Pregnancy

by Danica on February 26, 2015

The fitness aspect of this blog has really been lacking lately, and I miss it!  I miss writing about half marathon training, strength training, all things running, and lessons I learn from yoga that help with my running.  I just kind of miss running right now!

But it’s all fine and good – I obviously wouldn’t trade anything about this pregnancy for a single run – I’m just looking forward to challenging myself in that aspect of fitness in the future.

pregnancy workout

Today I thought I’d share what I am doing for workouts during this pregnancy.

I’m clearly not running – not that I think running during pregnancy is bad, it’s just that I don’t think it’s right for me.  My body (cycle, hormones, etc.) was sensitive to it before getting pregnant, so I’m not willing to risk anything by running now.

I’m also not trying any workouts that are brand new to me.  I fear doing anything that could throw me off balance or challenge me so much that I push too hard (I tend to be really competitive with myself).

That’s the thing about fitness during pregnancy though…every single woman is different, so she needs to listen to her body and choose whatever is right for her and her baby.

I’m doing something active each day, and I try to pay attention to how I’m feeling that day to guide what workout I choose.  I’m also more aware of how I feel during workouts – no more trying to zone out during cardio, I try to pay close attention to how my body is responding.

Here are the workouts I’m currently doing during this pregnancy:

  • Walkinglots of walking.  This is my go-to.  I enjoy it, I can really get moving and work up a bit of a sweat if I want, and I know that it’s just really beneficial for my body and this growing baby.
  • Strength Training.  I do 1-2 strength workouts a week, just right in my living room while watching tv or listening to music.  I often do workouts like this one….squats, lunges, push-ups (on my knees because that’s just how I roll these days), bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, (short-lived) side planks, etc.
  • Yoga.  I’ve been to a couple prenatal yoga classes at our gym, and I often do some yoga at home.  I don’t do anything fancy or even do it for very long, but I’ve found that I get really tight really quickly lately, particularly in my hip flexors, so I do some sort of stretching every day.
  • Cardio on the Stationary Bike and the Elliptical.  These are in our apartment’s fitness room, so I sometimes hop on these machines for a day’s workout.  I don’t go nearly as intensely as I did pre-pregnancy, but they always make me sweat a bit and they’re a nice change-up from walking.

The thing with pregnancy though is that things are (literally) changing every day, so I’m trying to be sensitive to those changes and just go with the flow in terms of adjusting my routines.  So far, so good.


If you’ve ever been pregnant, what did you do for movement during that time?

If you’ve never been pregnant and are curious, what questions do you have about working out when pregnant? 

I’m no fitness expert but I can answer about my own my experiences so far.


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